10 August 2011

a new semester

I have been out of full time school since 2006. Sure I did some school work here and there in London, but all part time. Nothing to warrant truly living by semesters. But yet still do. Live by semesters that is.

As we reach the middle of August, school will welcome students back and the carefree days of summer will draw to a close, I find myself gearing up for a new year. Even though my days are pretty much the same because I only have one child and she is not school aged yet- I still am preparing for a new start.

and it has me thinking...

What it is about semesters that make it so much easier for me to function? Already I am finding it easier to get back into a routine just thinking about the start of school. And no one I know is even going back to school! It is just a nice way to divide up the year, a good time to start again and an easy time to get some resolve.

So with that I have my 'New Semester List' A list of things from August to December that I want to accomplish/learn/do/try etc....

-Learn Calligraphy
-enroll E in football (soccer- the husband wont let me refer to it as anything other than football)
-sand, paint and recover the 2 chairs I got for free
-date night to the Blue Dome
-finally have our own space
-really and truly make a budget and stick to it
-make a headboard for our bed
-save $500 a month
-effectively pack for London in September. NO over packing
-make the 'card' book for rhys
-send monthly packages/pictures to the williams' on the other side of the ocean
-write an article
-get eleri's 2 year pictures
-incorporate Diana into our everyday life (more on Diana later)
-paint a canvas picture with eleri
-make a photo book of the last 3 years
-read 4 books
-plan the Jan/Feb vacation

Perhaps I will add to the list later. or maybe this is how it will stay, but for right now I am excited about the new semester and what is ahead for Team Williams.

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Lisa Ensor said...

I know callligraphy- I can teach you! I'm actually hired out this week to do wedding invitations! crazy coincidence :) LMK maybe a day when E is in school?