21 April 2008

British Schools

Today I drove by Eton, the famed school where William and Harry went. Well, where pretty much all the royals (and super posh) go. It was unbelievable! Not only was the school amazingly beautiful, but the students! it was unreal! they have to wear a tux to class!! i couldnt believe it! white shirt, bow tie, tails...the works! to class! talk about the eilite posh! it was crazy!

Ok, so I know its Prince Harry in the pciture, but that is really how they dress!! Everyday!! A Tux and Tails!

But schools in Britian are kinda crazy anyway. Everyone wears uniforms. I was the minority in Tulsa walking around in my plaid skirt with knee highs. here everyone does it, right up to college! (unless of course you go to Eton, or another fancy, posh school, then you wear uniforms through to university)

Look at how cute these kids are though!

At Clapham on Friday I saw a little girl striaght out of a movie! She was about 5 or 6, wearing a little plaid skirt, knee highs, a tiny sized blazer and tie with a tan straw hat. complete with blue ribbon band and bow in the back! in real life! little people really dress like that!! Also at Clapham, almost everyday, i see the same little boy. Knee socks, shorts, blazer about four sizes too big and a beret! everything about his outfir is maroon and navy stripped! so adorable! that is almost reason enought to stay over here! so my kids can have adorable school uniforms. It is really one of my favourite things about the British school system. We should import it to America. Maybe not the tux from Eton, but the uniform on a whole. :)

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