4 April 2008


So i have finally connected my digital camera to the computer and downloaded some pictures! woo hoo! In celebration of my success, I am posting a random assortment of pictures from the past several months.

Leah...we went to this quaint little Italian place in Rickmansworth one night.

My parents and me...when I was leaving in January after the conference in Arizona.

Sam and me cooking...well Sam did most of the cooking...actually all the cooking...

Simon, Nav and Rhys....hanging out in Druids.

Rhys during his rugby game

Me and Nikki and Mandy....two random American girls who happened to be watching the opposing team play rugby down at Fullers. A good meet for sure!

Jamie and Laura in town!

Rhys and I in Pontypridd for Auntie Doll's 90th Birthday. (it was actually a really good time!)

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