22 April 2008

woo hoo for a new shower!

so last night we got a new shower....sort of. We finally disregarded the landlord and put up a shower rod and curtain. Before he had said no, but we were tried of getting the bathroom carpet (thats right, carpet in the bathroom) soaking wet. Plus when we have visitors, no shower curtain means only one person in the bathroom at a time and with only one bathroom....it can be a pain. So with the shower rod up Rhys moved the clothes rack to lay horizontal across the rod. (Before it was propped up vertically with the shower head wrapped around it, hitting about mid chest.) So, once the clothes rack horizontal, Rhys took some string from his old rugby shorts and tied the shower head to the close rack and let it dangle down. Now it hits about mouth level, which is much better as that requires less squatting down! Its like a whole new shower. I have even included a picture so everyone can share in the joy that is my new shower! (and enjoy the wonderful decor on my bathroom walls, half tile, half paint with an awful fake wood trim..mmmm, nice!)

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Leah said...

kristina! oh my goodness do I celebrate this with you or what?! seriously this is HUGE!! woohoo for new shower!