15 April 2008

house or no house?

I really want to move. REALLY! The flat we live in now is in an excellent location, close to the town centre, rugby club, tube and train station. From the outside it looks great. Spacious big, green lawns, red brick and white wood, quiet good area. Inside it is mauve paint on all but two of the walls which has a thick, cream colour. The carpets are a faded blue-ish teal colour and everything in the kitchen is a different shade of yellow. There is no mounted shower on the wall, so we have the shower head attached haphazardly to a clothes drying rack that is propped up behind the tub. It hits about mid-chest so you have to kneel down to actually wash your hair or the top half of your body. You might think I made the flat sound worse than it actually is, and i did....but only a bit. The landlord did a shoddy job of putting in double glazing therefore we have more mold on the walls and windows that you can imagine! I have to clean the walls once a week! Seriously? clean the walls? Its time to move.

but with all this talk of the US recession (which I venture to say is not so bad in the US as they make it out to be here) and the falling housing prices, do we wait or move now? Do we wait, hoping the prices will drop a further 15% or do we move into the places we see now that we like? And will we even get approved for a mortgage as first time buyers? Will it be a good rate? Can we afford to move? So many questions, and i have none of the answers. Really I don’t know what we should do.

I do know, however, that i have found two lovely houses that i want to move into! One is a detached house, with a blue front door, in which we would have the whole top floor and loft. It was recently redone and it immaculate inside. While walls, brand new carpet, wood floors, new kitchen (with mint green decor! so lovely) and a brand new bathroom. Plus there is a really decent sized back garden with plenty of room for bbq's and lounging and enjoy the weather (when its not raining!) The other is an old Victorian boarding school that has been converted into flats. It is in a gated community, with green communal gardens and such. the flat has been recently redone with all wood floors and nice white on the walls. the kitchen in really nice and the view from the living room is great! unlike blue door house, it is really close to the station. but its not quite a spacious. boo. what to do, what to do.

The outside of the converted boarding school. It actually looks really cool in person. There are three seperate buildings. The flat we like in the one in the picture.

The living room. It looks much smaller in this picture. It is actually good sized when you see it. The window looks out to the communal gardens.

The bedroom is actually really big. Plus there are two built in closets which is nice. Lots of storage space.

The kitchen is nice, but small. Plus its open plan so it opens up into the living room.

This is the blue door house. The top level that you can see in the picture would be our flat. Lots of windows, which is nice!

This is the living room. It is really spacious and has two windows on both sides of the room. Again, lots of windows which is nice.

I LOVE this kitchen! Its wood and mint green and white! It is so nice!! Plus it comes with all new washer/dryer and fridge!

The bedroom is kinda small-ish. The closet space is really tiny which, to me, is probably the only downfall of this house. I wish I had a picture of the back garden as it is beautiful! and huge!

So what should we do?

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