4 April 2008

the good and bad of today

So the good thing about today is that I travelled to work on a valid ticket. For about two weeks after my ticket expired, i never got around to buying a new one. I travelled every day to and from Staines/Clapham Junction for free. No one ever checked. No one even noticed. However, I started to feel guilty, so I forked over the £167.41 for a small piece of paper that I am willing to bet, no one ever asks to see. But at least it was honest. That is the good of today.

The bad however, oh it’s really bad. I was sitting outside a little cafe today, enjoying the beautiful sun and my nice chicken honey mustard sandwich. A woman walked past from the train station and she was wearing a light, very short dress that was, unfortunately, caught up in her purse and completely exposing her butt!! Bad day to wear a thong for sure! She walked by quickly, followed by three teenagers who were laughing and mocking her. I debated about running after her, shouting at her, alerting her to the utmost of embarrassing situations. Instead, I took a sip of my diet coke and listened to the teenagers mock the poor woman. I felt bad. I still feel bad. I feel awful that I didn’t abandon my coke and chicken to run after her and tell her; wouldn't I have wanted someone to do the same for me? Not that I buy into the whole Karma thing, but if I get my skirt caught up sometime in the near future, I will fully expect to be mocked by teenagers and made to feel a fool. Not even buying a train ticket and travelling honestly can make up for the horror I helped to inflict on that poor woman today!

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