9 October 2008

little bits of excitment

Lately its the small things that are making me smile. I really think the weather has more to do with it than anything else. 96 hours of sunshine for an entire month made everything seem nearly unbearable. I cant give the exact hours of sunshine for the month of September, but I can tell you that it was more that 96! And October is already looking brighter. In line with my cheery mood comes, again, happiness from the small thigns. usually I am more aware of the big, truly significant things that happen: birth of a baby, a friend trying church for the first time, a much need job for a desperate family, those types of things. But there is more than just that. There are small, material pleasures that can bring a smile too! So to celebrate all the tiny things that bring me bits of joy, I have included some pictures and comments of a few of the most enjoyable things at the moment.

-Absolutely NO traffic on the M25 the past 3 days in a row!!

-Socks that look identical to the latest spring/fall design at J.Crew except these were £1 instead of $28!! Bargain!

-A fadded, pea green coloured jacket!! I have had my eyes on this lovely, army green, big button, adorable little pea coat for a good two months now. Sadly, it simply couldn't be found in my size. At least twice I week I would check- stores where I lived, stores where I worked, stores on Oxford street...never. But then, oh glory of glory, it was there. My size. And it fit perfectly! Thankfully, I am now the proud owner of the coat pictured below. Fashion at £30.

- JalapeƱo and Mediterranean Olive Oil Humus.... it is like a little piece of heaven right there on my lips. Personally i like to eat the humus with Ryvita Thins, wheat flavour or Tortilla Chips. Really this little packet of tasty goodness would go perfectly with anything.

- My new jeans! I found these Diesel jeans on sale for £10!! That is a steal whatever currency you use! They are my very first pair of skinny jeans. I have only actually worn them twice, but I am slowly warming to the idea. Like the pea coat, this purchased caused quite a big smile as it was a new pair of jeans (which I needed) and designer (which I did not need) and they were only £10! I have begun thinking that perhaps there is a future for me in being a personal fashion consultant. Bargin shopping, desinger, dressing for your body type... ah, I digress. Here are the jeans, mine are a shade lighter but the same style.

-Sheyenne. We were friends in high school, and have recently re-kindled our friendship. Even though it has probably been the best part of 8 years since we have spoken, there is something strangely comforting about being friends again. So when you read this Sheyenne, I think you're great!

-Ok, this is not something I actually have, but still something that has been making me smile a lot lately. A tiny, little Volkswagen Beetle! I would love one! Look how cute they are.

-As I am a big fan of Etsy, I have recently purchased some cards that I think are absolutley fantastic-in a werid sense of humor kind of way. Here is a small sampling of the cards...

and this wonderful grouping of 'if you were...' animal cards. In particular I like the one that says 'If you were an octopus, I would grow eight arms to hold you'

-Last but certaintly not least...the SUN! It has been gloriously bright and warm-ish for the last 4 days. Granted, bits of rain here and there, but amazingly sunny and bright!! Wonderful.

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Sheyenne said...

AH! Once again you make my day!! And you have no idea how honored I am to be on the same happy list as that ADORABLE green pea coat and the fabulous fashion finds!! How fun! Hope your day is going well! What's the time difference, by the way?