3 October 2008

so i was thinking....

Several things. One: I have yet again changed my blog. Partly because I am that bored at work, and partly because, well, I feel I need to be more 'adult-ish and grown up' My new blog title and picture more accurately portray that.

Two: I am going to write a book. I have so many ideas and since I write about 45% of my time anyway...well I might as well. Except I am too scared to send anything off to a publisher. But I am going to. I am tired of waiting. I have read some crap books in my time. I know I could write a more interesting one than some that are out there. So no more fear, no more procrastination. I am writing a book.

Now....what to write about? I have about 8 billion ideas in my head. (Yes, literally 8 billion) So I asked my ever supportive and realistic husband if I should write a book, and if so, then about what. This is what followed:

K: Why can’t I write a book? I really want to!
R: You can. Just write and write and write and then send it off to a publisher
K: Ok. What should I write about?
R: How about space monkeys who come to earth and steal all the bananas...
K: Umm....any other ideas?
R: Space....
K: NOT having to do with space?
R: Super bears who...
K: Uh, thanks. I think I am ok.

With my husbands support, but none of his ideas, I have decided to quit my job and write full time. I will spend my days in coffee shops and trendy bars, drinking espresso and half pints, whilst typing away on my stylish new Mac. Or that is what I would do in my dream world. Instead I will sit at my desk, making the most of my hideous job in which I do nothing, by writing chapter after chapter of my book. I will have to be content with my 4 year old Dell work computer as I don’t actually own a Mac, nor have the money to buy one.

I have narrowed my options down to two potential topics: One, the ever faithful travel book for couples. This idea has been persistent to reside in my head for about a year. I am convinced there is a market for this and whilst the first publisher I pitched the idea to was not fond, I am sure someone out there will jump at the chance. Two, 'Somewhere between New Zealand and Arkansas--Discovering life through a backpack’ (should I include Chaco’s in there?) Ok, so the title is a bit rough, but the idea is a mix of travel book/spiritual growth/love story/drama/humour/everything/random essays all rolled into one. The way I see it, the book covers everything. It is not a novel as much as it is a travelling circus show of random events and sporadic life lessons*. Have I sold it? No? Then think of it like this, a book that delivers life in a real yet slightly off colour, humorous way. Not that I think my life is so fantastic that I need to write about it, but I have had some crazy ridiculous experiences, and as I live it everyday, my life is what I know best.

I have pitched the idea to some of my more accomplished, academic friends, they seem to like it. Whilst none of those friends who are published are willing to give up the contact details for their publishers yet, they have all been supportive and quite eager to read the first few chapters. That gives me hope. Up until this point the only thing of significant value I have written are a few articles for no name, Arkansas historical journals and my Masters thesis (which was only published in New Zealand) But its never too late to start.

So off I go, embarking on my new adventure. If those small handful of you who read this think it is stupid and a waste of time as you want to pull out your hair and gouge your eyes out every time you read the blog, let me know. Otherwise, I will write away. Naturally my blog will still be full of all the mundane details of my daily life that I know are so thrilling to everyone. But hopefully it will also contain little snippets of my new (and obviously very profound) book.

And, to sandwich this post nicely, everyone can enjoy my new, grown up blog appearance. Because at the end of the day, everything I post is really about what I was thinking....

*is it wrong to describe my life as 'as a travelling circus show of random events and life lessons? does that make me sad and carnie-like?


Susanna said...

Thanks for the extra pressure! Haha. You will be pleased to find an update with more to come soon.

Lindsey said...

You totally need to read Honeymoon With My Brother (it's different than the title sounds). Look it up, you'll love it, and find it inspiring for your own writing adventure!

Sean and Shey said...

I'm inspired by your ambition and totally think you should go for it! Did you get my email with my address? I tried the link from your blog so I'm not sure if it was the right one... and if you need/want a lay editor, I'd love to pre-read some stuff! I did that for some profs in college! :-)