7 October 2008

new discoveries

I have discovered or re-discovered several things this morning.

1. I really enjoy the taste of Dr. Pepper. To be more specific, Dr. Pepper Zero. I think I should start drinking it more often. It reminds me of childhood and trips to Arby's

2. Along with my new found enjoyment of Dr. Pepper Zero, I have also discovered the ingredients of said drink: Carbonated water, caramel flavourings, phosphoric acid, aspartame, preservative 112 and 'a source of phenylalanine'. I heard one time that if you cannot pronounce one or more things in a product you are intending to consume, then it is best to NOT consume it and find something else. I think that my new found joy of Dr. Pepper, however fond the memories it evokes, will be very short lived. However, I will most definitely finish this can.

3. I am now at a stage in my life where I have to wear hose. Yes, that’s right. Even the word is strange and old woman-y. But it’s true. Today I bought several packages of hose and one pair of tights. I was tempted to buy the charcoal gray, thick cotton t-shirt like pair of tights (they came in a tempting shade of orange as well) but I finally came to my senses and realised I would never, ever wear them. So instead I bought 5 very sensible pairs of natural coloured hose and a pair of light brown tights. In case you are thinking that 5 sounds like a large number, its only because whilst I am at a stage in which I need to wear hose, I am not actually at a stage in my life where I am careful enough to do so. I anticipate all 5 pairs lasting less than a month.

4. I am really glad I don’t live in Middle America. It has taken me a long time to really discover this and truly accept it. This morning I have really grasped it. Yes, there was a catalyst to this realisation but my blog is probably not the best forum to discuss that. So just accept that this morning was the defining turning point in this discovery. Even though I miss certain things like Stef, Tara, Loafin Joe’s and the general 'feel' of Fayetteville, I am overjoyed that it will never be my home again. You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach, the one where you think 'arugh, really? There? Those people?' Unfortunately that is what most of Middle America holds for me. There is disgust at seeing/remembering certain attitudes/people and the utter joy and relief when I realise it will never be like that again.

5. This next 'discovery' really ties into the previous one. I have recently discovered that it really is our choice how we interact with people. For example, I strongly dislike some of the people that I work with. But it is my choice how I choose to react to that. If I am kind, it wont change a single thing about their life or personality, but it will change my life. If I treat them with respect and kindness (even though most of the time I think they are all jack-asses) then at the end of the day I can say that I behavied properly. The same goes for all people we come into contact with. It doesn’t matter if they live like we do, dress like we do, believe in the same things. They are all worthy of respect. I have really 'discovered' this in my heart and am striving to live by the principle.

6. And the most recent of my discoveries is that I should never eat peanut butter whilst typing. I was eating an apple and Jif extra crunchy peanut butter at my desk for my afternoon snack (I eat a lot) and a little dollop of my Jif fell onto my keyboard and got stuck between the E and R, thus making them stick together and not push down properly. Unfortunate as E and R are to of the most commonly used letters in words.


Leah said...

i can't believe you gave in and got HOSE! Dude, you're losing your edge;)

love you friend and so glad to chat with you today. Let me know how tonight goes and give Dan a big hug for me.

x Leah

Sean and Shey said...

My goodness, you've been a busy blogger! I take a few days away and have much to catch up on! Yay! First of all, let me say I LOVE THE SCARF!!! Thankyou thank you thank yoU!!! I got it today when I came home from work... it made me smile so much! I am actually going to wear it tonight to a banquet! But I first have to re-loook at your facebook pics to see exactly HOW to wear it... :-) Thanks!! I'll write more later but have to run and get ready now! Thank you again so much!