4 November 2008

# 93473456 why I love my husband

ever had one of those moments? you know, the one where you are hanging out with a really cute boy that you like a lot and you say something stupid. or do something silly. or worst of all, you try to be witty but it is only funny in your head so you are met with a fake smile and awkward silence? one of those moments. in my case I would become utterly humiliated, so much so that i would simply stutter around my word, unable to recover and my face would become such a bright shade of tomato red that it was actually glowing bright enough to guide an airplane to ground in deep fog. those moments are horrendous.

never having those moments again is one of my favourite things about being married. I am not sure if it is marriage in general or being married to Rhys. but it is perfect. not once since we have been married have i been fearful of sounding or looking foolish. we embrace the 'goofiness' equally. i never really thought i would reach the stage with another human where i could be completely and utterly myself. when i imagined what it would be like to be married i assumed i would think of my spouse as a best friend, the person who knew me the best, a soul mate etc... but i always just knew that i would have to hold some of my Crazy in. thankfully that is not the case.

perhaps it is because williams is equally as ridiculous as me. perhaps it was just meant to be and that is who all marriages are (married people: is it like this for you too? tell me. i need to know.) but last night we sat on the couch and made faces at each other. gradually we advanced from faces to strange noises. then we proceeded to make up our own lines and story endings to the T.V. programs that we were watching. yes, all of those things make us really cool. my favourite of the night though was whilst Rhys was doing his crossword I took a pen and randomly filled in squares with the number 7. for some reason i found this to be quite humorous. looking back now, it was not funny. but rhys is so good natured, he just leaned over and kissed my forehead. I didn’t feel stupid at all. he is the best. and this is one of the many reasons why i love my husband.

(as a side note, i do feel stupid for telling all of you this)

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