18 November 2008

facebook and organic food.

There was a time when I boycotted facebook. I thought it was stupid. I refused to jump on the bandwagon of internet communication. When people asked 'are you on facebook?' I took great pride and joy out of my resounding answer of 'NO' My thought was that if you really wanted to talk to me or keep in touch that much, then you could call. That is what a phone was for. If nothing else, email at least. Oh, how mistaken I was. I have happily been on facebook for just over a year now. It is not only an excellent way to kill time whilst bored at work, but it is also a fantastic way to keep in touch with people, especially as I am so far away. I love seeing pictures, reading the stories, and having bits of conversations with people that I normally wouldn't. I had lost touch with some people that I considered to be important. Through facebook we are back, reacquainted and communicating on a regular basis. Plus all the pictures are great when you have nothing else to do and are stuck at a desk, staring at a computer screen. I am a facebook convert.

The same can be said for texting. Come on now, is that even a real word? texting? I think it is a made-up word, like journaling or facebooking. Text is not a verb; adding 'ing' on the end should not automatically make it one. I say it though, just like I say journaling. I don’t think anyone actually says 'facebooking' I just couldn’t come up with another noun we have magically turned into a verb. But the point is, I used to boycott the text function. I thought, and regularly said, if you want to talk to me, call! (are you surprised I still have friends? gosh, I sound like a jerk here!) But it’s true. I thought it was so impersonal, so short, so….blah. But I love it. It is really quite handy. I do not, nor will I ever, use text lingo. lol, 4u, 2u, l8r etc... that is still moronic to me. But the general idea of a text instead of a call is good. Saves time and money. Plus sometimes it is nice to be able to just ask one question and then move on. I am a texting convert.

I also boycott organic. anything organic. again, i think it is stupid. A ploy to get people to buy into something more expensive but that tastes exactly the same. Fair Trade was different. Fair Trade products ensured that people/children were not abused, forced to work for poor wages, in hidious conditions etc... Ever since Hannah really explained the whole Fair Trade thing to me, I have been trying. But organic. phuffhuf! (read: eye roll coupled with annoyed sound)

What really gets me is the improper use of the word organic. Organic reallly means having carbon based molecules in the molecular structure. Think back to Organic Chemistry. that was not the study of chemical free products and production. NO! Organic Chemistry is the study of compounds containing carbon! It bothers me because everything living is organic. Living things require carbon. organic things are things that have carbon based molecules in their molecular structure. Therefore, again, EVERYTHING is organic. I can buy a regular apple for 15p or an organic one for 75p and the word used to describe one over the other....well it could be used for both. people have said that what organic meant was free from pesticides, all natural growing etc... My response was always that 'they' the organic food people, should come up with a new word then. You cant just arbitrarily change the definition of a word!!

but...yet again a change of heart. I am trying to be healthy. remember that one post about these are the things I actually need to do? Well, its about time I started with the food. As I said back then, this is the only body I will have. Yesterday i bought my very first 'organic' product. Organic Honey and Mustard salad dressing. yup. it tasted the same as regular honey and mustard dressing, but I actually felt a bit better about it. i knew it was chemical free. I knew it was healthier for me. and thereby I enjoyed it more. perhaps the lesson to be learned from this is that i should not boycott things, I end up doing it later anyway.


Katie Baskins said...

Yay! I'm so glad you commented on my blog--now I can look forward to reading yours! :) I hope England is treating you well!

Sean and Shey said...

OK, its just easier for me to leave my phone here: 559-472-6264... we've got a convention this week and will be in KC next week some, but call me anyways if you're free and hopefully i'll be in town! If not, its ok... I know how busy these few and far between visits home can be!!

Sohailah said...

it's the never say never thing. How many times I have fallen prey - I will NEVER go to ORU, I will NEVER go on a mission trip to Africa, I would NEVER live in Tulsa after graduation from ORU...

what is your job that is so boring?