7 November 2008

The Youth of Britian

I have some serious concerns about the youth of Great Britain after this morning. To be honest, I have had concerns since the gum story of last week. Today just cemented those fears.

Ever been run over by a scooter? no? well let me tell you, it is not a pleasant experience. Clapham is overflowing with people at peak time. The station is packed, brim to brim, with little room to even move. 2 school age boys were attempting to ride their scooters down the platform. Casualties were plentiful. Bags knocked off shoulders, briefcases dropped from hands, and my foot. my foot was a very painful casualty. As i am still defiantly protesting the onset of the winter despite the absence of a summer, I am still wearing flip flops. Flip flops and scooter wheels do not mix. my foot still hurts. crazy youth.

on a high note for the young of GB, I saw one school age boy, around the same age as the two scooter hoodlums, take HIS OWN MONEY (i know it was his, i heard him say) and give it to the Poppy Appeal. Such a worthy cause. (Click here to read all about it) apparently not all was lost on the young.

Although, just as i was starting to regain my confidence in the new generation, i overheard the following conversation on the train.

boy 1: So Obama. you like Obama?

Boy 2: Dont care. doesn’t matter

Boy 1: Oh, look at this article about that girl. Palin. she didn’t even know that Africa was a continent. she thought it was a country. (inreference to this article in today's paper)

Boy 2: Idiot

Boy 1: I heard her parents were brother and sister. gross.

Boy 2: well that’s probably why she didn’t win. no one wants a president with a mum and dad who are brother and sister.

Boy 1: and they want her to be president in 2012.

Boy 2: I wont vote for her.

Nice. I had to bite my tongue to suppress my laugh. that was truly a fantastic conversation. and such an interesting interpretation on why Palin and her party were not elected. Clearly because her parents were brother and sister.

I am back to questioning the youth of Britain.

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