18 November 2008

seriously people?!

With all the election hullabaloo, followed by Armistice Day, I have posted a quite a few political posts. Yet despite my best attempts I am simply too opinionated to keep this blog light all the time. What can I say? I have loads of thoughts about government, current events, politics, the world…. And since I think everyone should hear what I have to say, I will post it all here! Aren’t you lucky?

And on that note, what is wrong with the UK when Russell Brand loses his job, Jonathan Ross gets suspended, and the director of BBC Radio 2 has to resign all over a joke about a famous dudes grand daughter, (a grand daughter who let us know forget is in a burlesque show named 'The Satanic Sluts') yet NO ONE has yet to be suspended or lose their job over the death, nay murder, of an 18 month old baby?! Despite the fact that social workers and doctors had visited the boy 60 times, no one stepped in to prevent the torture that this little, defenceless boy. What is wrong with our society that it is ok for public outcry to result in loss of jobs and money for two comedians who took a joke perhaps a bit too far, but its ok to oversee the slow and painful death of a small child?! Perhaps it is even more shocking that the public were more interested in responding to Brand and Ross than to this small little boy. If it were up to me, the entire social services, from the top of the top all the way to the bottom-ANYONE who dealt with this little boy and his family 60 times (including the GP) would be fired. they are partly responsible as far as i am concerned. They don’t deserve their jobs; they should not have the chance to deal with more children. It is wrong. Where are our priorities people?

There was talk on the internet, facebook in particular, about a ‘hate campaign’; people posted names and pictures calling for retribution on the mother, her partner and their lodger. I know that the proper attitude is to forgive. But part of me can’t help but think that now at least they will get what they deserve. Perhaps that is not fair for me to say. But I think it’s about time that the family behind this abuse was ‘named and shamed’ so to speak. Who cares about their human rights…..when you beat a child to the point where facial bones are broken, teeth knocked out, ears bloodied and barely connected to the head, broken bones, stitches needed all over and a broken back….well you have lost all your rights. This is an open and shut case. They have admitted abuse and causing death. They are all 3 being tried and sentenced. Good luck in prison.

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