16 January 2009

can i only eat cantaloupe?

i have started this blog post over several times. everything I want to write doesn’t seem to come out properly. It sounds foolish and trite. I just don’t have it in me to write a meaningful post. I am constantly surprised at my total lack of energy. Yesterday I could not keep any food or fluids down at all. I am sure that has to do with my inability to sit up straight and actually function like a normal human today. But seriously, no food yesterday cant be helping me out today. and I know that I tend to exaggerate, but the only thing I consumed yesterday was half a piece of toast. Shame really, cause the poor little baby inside me needs more. but literally every single thing, food or beverage, that touched my lips forced me to run full speed to the bathroom, violently throwing up any remaining thing in my stomach. By 11am, stomach bile was the only thing left. for those of you out there who have been sick (or pregnant) and reached the "i have nothing left to throw up so i am throwing up bile" stage, you know just how revolting it is. i think if i added up the time spent with my head in the toilet yesterday it would come out to about 5 hours.

but one good thing has come out of this so far. i have discovered that cantaloupe tastes exactly the same going down as it does coming up. I am strongly considering only eating cantaloupe from this moment on because lets face it people, throwing up is disgusting. throwing up cantaloupe is quite nice, almost like enjoying it twice. (ok, so that was a bit gross)

I am open to any and all suggestions. i dont care if you have ever been pregnant or not. maybe you have only had the stomach flu. but if any one out there was a remedy that they would like to offer, I am all ears. I have tried pretty much everything at this point, from prescription medicine from the doctor, to ground ginger, to stretching, to warm water, to dry toast, to donuts....but PLEASE before I change my diet to only cantaloupe, give some suggestions!!


Sheyenne said...

Oh, no. Kristina! I am so sorry you are still so sick! Are you still losing weight? What does your dr. say? Man, that sucks... I am sure you ahve but have you tried those preggy pops? I think you can order them online. they're supposed to help with the nausea... though your's sounds like much worse than nausea.... I'm so sorry!!!

Silvy said...

hey kristina!
i am so sorry you are feeling terrible. i know exactly what you mean when you have reached the "i have nothing left to throw up except bile" point--there have been 4 distinct days in my pregnancy that i've been there, and i absolutely hated every minute. the good news is, at least for me, around the middle of month 4 things started getting better. my appetite came back and i was slowly able to be myself again and stay up late (i could not make it past 9pm the first trimester).

maybe you could try sipping ginger ale? anything with ginger in it is supposed to be good for nausea. other things that help are saltine crackers, frozen super pretzels (warm them up for 30 seconds in the microwave and they are delicious), jello, chicken noodle soup and little snack packs of goldfish.

your prenatal vitamin might be affecting your body as well. i've switched kinds three times because the varying amounts of iron were too much, especially if i took them without a full stomach. if it's possible, try to get a little fresh air as well.

hope that helps a little! hang in there--the worst part is over!!