19 January 2009

ode to my husband

i love my husband for so many reasons. too many to name. i am constantly proud of him and I feel so lucky every single day that he married me. and on Saturday I was exceptionally proud of him. Saturday was his first rugby game back after injury since April. It has been killing him not being able to get out there on the pitch, and finally, after months and months of doctors, medicine, and gradual training, he could play.

and it wasn’t just Rhys who was excited to be back. his team mates mentioned numerous times how glad they were that he was back and whilst I was standing on the sidelines cheering him on, one of the coaches came up to me and the following conversation ensued:

coach: so rhys is back. good to see him out there.
me: yeah, first game in a while. he is really glad to be back.
coach: yeah, we are glad to have him back...
me: (smile)
coach: he asked if he could have a game and I said "uh yeah, of course" (read: you are the best player we have of course you can have a game. now we will start winning that you are back!)
me: (an even bigger smile)

see? its not just me that thinks Rhys is fantastic. the team and coaches couldn’t wait to have him back on the pitch. and he had a fantastic homecoming. he did so well. i was so proud. some of my friends back home wonder how i can stand to have my husband play rugby as its to rough. but i couldn’t imagine our life without it. rugby brings so much to rhys. i am just grateful that i have the chance to stand on the side and watch him. i love it. and i love him. i am so proud.

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