5 January 2009

a list, some vomit, and a baby.

yeah, its been a while. In my defence I have done nothing for the past few weeks but vomit, cry, moan about the crying and the throwing up and then do both some more. I am pregnant. 12 weeks. and whilst it is a beautiful and wondrous miracle, I am sick. all the time. It never ends. So sick that i will forever have NO picture memories of anything that happened between the dates of 10 November and apparently now, 5 January. I went to America for Thanksgiving, celebrated my adorable nephew’s 5th birthday with him, great American family time, saw friends, spent time with Jamie and Laura in Boston, had Christmas in Wales, adorable niece Nia, New Years Eve party with the Rice's et. al....But NO pictures of anything. why? because it was a struggle to actually make it to all of those things, let alone keep my head out of the toilet long enough to take a picture of two. sad, but true. no photographic memories of the first 3 months of my pregnant life.

I am still sick, but I have renewed hope that come next week, the dawn of the 13th week, there will be no sickness. i am hoping for a miracle. today however there is a slight ease in my throwing up. By 'ease' I mean I have only thrown up 6 times this morning so I have some free time to sit at my computer and write a blog entry. so here I go.

I was planning on having a '2009 To Do List' post. I am a big fan of lists. I make lists for pretty much everything. Rarely do I follow my lists, but I enjoy making them all the same. I have actually been working on a 2009 list for quite a while. Things I wanted to accomplish for the new year. But then i found out i was pregnant...and that list had to change. There are now only 4 things on that list.

1. Learn to be a good Mom
2. Go to Greece before the baby is born
3. Gain some weight. (with all the throwing up I have actually lost 14 pounds. this is the one time in my life where I think losing that weight is awful!)
4. Move to a place that has more than one room.

But a list cant just have 4 things. I feel that is a really wimpy list. So I have decided to make a new list of all the cool (and not so cool) things my baby has already done. Because I knew our kid would be cool, I just didn’t know how cool the kid would be already. Oh, and this is in order of occurrence.

1. Had some pints in celebration of Guy Fawkes Day....Ok, ok I didn’t know I was pregnant and I have been reassured by doctors there are no problems as a result! (don’t judge people....I know how you are)
2. Ran a Half Marathon
3. Got pneumonia
4. got over pneumonia with no problems. Tough baby
5. saw the Stereophonics live.
6. Been to Millennium Stadium to see Wales v South Africa.
7. Flew to America.
8. Toured around Boston.
9. Hit all the major sites of London
10. Already lived in two different years
11. been on the top bit of the classic two story red bus.
and coming soon....
12. end of January work trip to a spa in Arizona
13. 6 nations games in Cardiff
14. shopping with mom in Tulsa

See that is one cool baby! and since that list actually has more than 4 things on it, I feel it is a better representation of a list. and to conclude the list and the post, I have included a picture of my favourite Christmas gift. Mini Welsh Rugby kit. thanks husband....you knew just what I wanted! :) (no sarcasm people, this really is just what i wanted!)


kaw said...

Congratulations! So sorry you've been sick. That's no fun! Don't get discouraged if you don't feel great this week. With Mae I really didn't feel better till about week 14, but I did feel better!!!

Loved the Christmas card. You were so right!


Sheyenne said...

Ok, I too, am obsessed with lists and will therefore formulate my comment accordingly.
1. First, I LOVE that out fit! Too Cute! One of the top 10 motivations for me to get pregnant some time this year is this ADORABLE Ohio State mini-jersey.
2. You get to take a work trip to a SPA? In the States, Arizona, no less?! Awesome!
2b. Sidenote- Sean and I honeymooned at a great spa in Scottsdale... where are you goin?
3. I can't believe you were preggers when you ran that marathon and got sick! Tough baby indeed!
4. I will be hoping/praying/wishing for you that your morning sickness will ease up very quickly!!!
And since you said a list can't have just 4 things... I'll add a 5th...
5. Do you ever see the magazine "Real Simple" in the UK? This month's issue is all about lists... and has inspired me to write all kinds of lists I never thought about before!!
Shey XX (that's the UK thing right? :-)

racheljenae said...

hey there! Great to hear from you! Congratulations! So sorry you've been feeling bad. You should talk to Heidi...she was real sick her first time and then took some natural tea stuff...might have been rasberry tea leaf extract... I think, and she did really good second time around! I'm sure there's a million things your trying...gingerale, eating often...:) i like how i'm telling you all this like i know :) (i don't, i just greatly sympathize with being sick for any length of time) Good to hear from you! Happy New year!
Oh and yes... brothers are both in favor of the tatoo sleeves...i'm debating getting a small one :) i'm soooo riske :)

Katie said...

Congratulations!! Yaaay!! Sorry for the sickness. I hear ya. At 14 weeks, I felt like a totally new person. It was amazing. I'm hoping the same for you. Love the outfit, by the way!!

Sohailah said...

Congratulations! WOW! Love it! And GREAT lists.... I love them. Makes me feel like I accomplished things. I have been known to add things to my list that I have done but forgot to put on just to cross them off to feel "more accomplished." - probably a bit of a sickness, that there, actually...