21 January 2009

i NEED these things

1. colby jack cheese
2. goldfish
3. wheat thins
4. kraft mac and cheese
5. ritz crackers
6. gatorade in powder form (so i can mix my own)
7. Altoids
8. big red gum
9. lime serbert smoothie from Braums
10. chick-fil-a
11. a bean burrito from taco bell
12. a taco from taco bell
13. shaved turkey, like how they cut it at wal-mart

i cant get any of those things in this country. those are the things i want. those things and ONLY those things. (ok, not only those things. i am being overly dramatic)

if anyone reading this feels so inclined, i will accept packages full of those things. just throw the cheese, turkey and chick-fil-a in a cooler and ship it on over. i am sure that is possible and not expensive at all.


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