23 January 2009

sunshine. finally.

i leave tomorrow afternoon for Arizona. It's a 'sales kick off' for work. What that really means is a few meetings here and there whilst the team enjoys 4 days of pool, spa, golf, horseback riding, jeep tours, massage, did i mention pool?....and sunshine!!! the temperature is set to be in the mid 70's. (think 20 for you people who work in Celsius) i am so excited.

after Arizona I will be in Tulsa for the rest of the week and weekend. good to see the fam, do some shopping, enjoy the sunshine...oh, and find out the sex of the baby. thats right folks, in less than a week from today i will know if little hulk is a boy or a girl. and i cant wait. as awful as this sounds, as this particular moment I am more excited about the sunshine than anything baby related. but finding out the sex is a close second.

and if all that wasn’t enough to be excited about, i get to see two very dear friends. tomorrow night, upon my arrival in Arizona, my friend Susanna is driving down from Vegas to spend Saturday and Sunday with me. i am picturing laying by the pool, enjoying some drinks, chatting away. oh i cant wait! Then, once i get to Tulsa, my dear friend Stefanie is driving down from Arkansas to spend Friday with me. shopping, baby stuff, good friend hang out. i cant wait!

so much too look forward to. except for tonight. tonight will be sad. my last night with rhys for 8 nights. i have not packed a single thing yet. oh, and i have loads of laundry to do. so yeah, not a lot to look forward to there. but oh boy, come Saturday. i cant wait.


Sheyenne said...

Yay! That's so cool you get to come back to the states, even if it is work-related! :-) Have fun! And fill up on some Chick-Fil-A goodness!

Sohailah said...

How funny. I am in Phoenix on business until the 29th. Then I go back to Tulsa. I am loving the sunshine. Been her since the 20th.