17 February 2009

feeling a bit lame

ok, so I am working on an article for a magazine. it is all about who has impacted me the most socially. that writing is taking up most of my time because, well I get paid for that one people. and i don’t for this. I will post the article in some form here once it is finished, but until then I am posting a slightly lame, but all the same kind of interesting, questionnaire on me and my husband. granted, none of you have actually asked any of these questions...but i am giving you the answers anyway.

middle names: ann, and Rhys doesn’t have one. its just Rhys Williams. His family calls him Rhys boy, so i guess boy could count...but nope. no middle name.

how long have you been together: this one is tricky. perhaps since June of 2006. no real date or anything, and depending on who asked and at what particular time...there were moments when i said he was my boyfriend long before that was a reality. sad, i know.

How long have you two known each other: We met on 10 June 2005. weird though because we met on the 10th, hung out for a week. then saw each other again for two days, the 24th and 25th of June. Then well, I left New Zealand and he didn’t. He came to Arkansas on 1 August 05, and stayed for a month. Then we met up again in NYC for 3 days in October. then nothing but sporadic, and sometimes non-existent conversation from October 2005 until June of 2006. We met up in Barcelona, Spain for 4 days. then I went back to Wales with him for 3 days. Then he came to America for 3 months from August to October. Then nothing until December 2006 when I flew to London and we got engaged. So yeah....i say we met on 10 June 2005 but slowly got to know each other over the next year or so...a bit random really. but when you know, you know.

Who asked who out: again, tricky. I say our first 'date' was when he asked if i wanted to go see a movie with him while still in New Zealand. but he ended up bringing a friend and then we played laser tag with a group....so perhaps not date like. In Arkansas in august we went to dinner for the first time just the two of us...but it just happened. nothing official. so... again is that a date? come to think of it, i am not sure we have ever really been out on a date because we never lived in the same country!

How old were you when you met: we were both 23.

How old are you now: both 26, soon be to 27.

How long did you date before you got engaged: ok, again, tricky. we were officially together from the end of June 2006 and we got engaged in December 2006. so about 5 months. But does it count as dating if you dont actually see each other? becasue if that is the case then we only dated for about 85 days. that is how long, during that time period, we were actually in the same country. so 85 days then got engaged.

Any children or pets together: no pets, although i really want a dog. But come July we will have a little boy.

Are you from the same home town: No. I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is from Cymmer, Wales, United Kingdom. So i will go ahead and combine the next question here. No, we did not go to the same school.

who is the smartest: Rhys. he is brilliant. literally.

who is the most sensitive: um... i would say me because i cry at the drop of a hat. but he is really compassionate and sensitive to my feelings...so its a good combo.

Who has the craziest ex: oh man, him for sure!!

Where do we eat out most often as a couple: I would say the Chinese take-away down the road or Dominos pizza. I just have to call and say hello in my accent and they know our order exactly. nice.

Where have you travelled the furthest as a couple: Probably New Zealand. But we like to travel; therefore I am expanding this question. As a couple we have been to: New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, England, Wales, California, Texas, Oklahoma, New York City, Lake Placid, Boston, and Canada. I'd say that’s a pretty fair amount.

Who cooks: Rhys. I hardly ever cook. I don’t really like it and Rhys enjoys it. and he is really good at it.

Who is the neat freak: lets be honest here, we are both really messy.

who is more jealous: neither of us. i think its safe to say we are two of the least jealous people i know. i trust him implicitly. and he does the same for me. some of my closest friends are guys. some of his closest friends are girls. its never been a problem.

What do you do for the holidays: We alternate. we have since 2006 when we got engaged. We are both REALLY adamant that we will always alternate because we will always have to go between two countries.

What is one of the hardest things as a couple: Knowing we will always have to choose between our families. We are both super close to our families, but we live always be closer to one than the other based on which country we live in. the distance makes it hard.

Do you have pet names for each other: kid. or kiddo. i call him Will sometimes because that is how i was introduced to him. funny story actually. he was travelling with another Rhys so my rhys decided to go by Will and the other rhys went by Rhys. I actually thought his name was Will for the first month or so I knew him. When i heard it was actually Rhys I thought he has 'fake named me' ha! :) he calls me fambo sometimes. Funny story again, we went to register for our wedding and i gave my maiden name of Farabough. the store woman misunderstood me and thought it was Fambo. nice.

How long did it take to get serious: I knew I was in love with him in October 2005. He says the same thing. but we never said anything. i would have married him that day. when we got together in June 2006 we knew it was heading toward marriage.

Who is older: Me. but exactly 3 months

Who drives: when we are together, rhys. He says I drive to fast. I say he drives like a grandpa.

Who kissed who first: We both say it was the other person. It was in the 3 Dragons Welsh Bar in Wellington, New Zealand. After a Lions Match, at the end of the night, about 3 in the morning. I leaned over to get a sandwich off the table. he kissed me. he says i leaned over and kissed him. he is wrong. he kissed me.

who sings better: Rhys has an amazing voice. I sing like crap.

When did you get married: 18 August 2007

ok, so there you have it. a long winded explanation of more than you ever wanted to know about me and rhys. but its about all i could muster up today as my mind is concentrated on the article. i always said i wouldn’t but a survey on the blog but ah well...there you go.

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I loved this! If only it would be so magical for me ... haha.