19 February 2009

the walls are too thin...i hear WAY too much!

i am really tired. i feel like if i shut my eyes right now i could fall asleep. even though i am at my desk, in a really full office, i could still fall asleep. and i really wish that i could. I have not been sleeping well. and by well, i mean at all. man! its been a struggle. All the sites I look at and books i read say that the constant need to pee lets up after the first trimester. I say they are all lying. i have to pee more now than i ever have before in my entire life. so much so that its a struggle to go even 1 hour without feeling like i am about to overflow. and of course, i barely even have to pee at all. why does my body choose to torture me so?

or perhaps it is our neighbours. the couple below us consists of a police officer and a 30 something, insane girl who looks (and acts) like an 18-30 rep. (american friends...ask and i will explain this later) she is insane. they have a yippy dog that, like me, has to pee constantly. the door to their back garden is directly below our bedroom. so in and out, up and down, all through the night we hear her let the dog out, the dog bark, the dog scratch at the door and then run away as soon as it opens. this leads to the insane woman yelling, AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS for the dog to come inside. every night. sweet. and if its not yelling at the dog, then its yelling at each other. they do that often. almost every night. its not nice.

or it could be the couple above us. they seem nice enough. i am not sure what they do, but they both work in central London. and i have decided that they never, EVER sleep. the do one of four things. clean, cook, shower and have sex. I am not even really convinced that they actually work in London because I never see them leave the house. I hear the vacuum cleaner, i hear the water running. i smell the food their are cooking and I hear them, often, having sex. 3 times this week already! its not cool. i am often afraid that our ceiling is actually going to fall down on us. their bedroom is right above ours. i will spare you the details but can i just say that its not just the bed movement that keeps us up at night. they make their fair share of noise. an ungodly amount of noise. nearly every night. sweet.

probably it is a combination of all three of those things. I have to pee constantly. I dont sleep well with yelling and banging doors. nor do i sleep well when forced to listen to people having loud, noisy sex! so i am stuck, at my desk, being so tired that if i wasn’t typing on this blog...i would be sleeping. in fact i think i will sneak off to an empty conference room and take a nap right now!

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Stefanie said...

Sorry friend :( Hey, is there a date set for your baby shower yet? Tara & I were wondering about it the other day. I love you & I hope you sleep better soon!