12 February 2009

ode to kym

ah, kym. she is fantastic. i love kym. and not just becasue she brought me FIVE bags of goldfish crackers from the American store in London. i love kym for many other reasons. kym and i come from similar places, similar backgrounds. we have struggled with some of the same thing since moving to London. and we have loved some of the same things since moving as well. one of the thigns i love most about Kym is the fact that her, more than anyone else in the whole world, understands my fears and concerns about being "american" again. about moving back to the states, about living potentially in the mid-west again. she really understands my heart for this place and this culture, a worldly culture. and she understands the fears that come with living in a different culture to this again. living again back home, surrounded by Americans with...well....american views. she understands. and i love her for it. and she brings me goldfish. and i love her for that too!


Sheyenne said...

So are you guys thinking about moving?

Sheyenne said...

You have no IDeA how much I would love to come visit!!!! My husband and I are IN LOVE with Europe, but he's never been to England! I think he would love it.... so I'll have to talk to him about planning a trip some time!! When are you guys coming back to the states before the baby?