3 March 2009

ah, that makes me smile.

the past few days several things that have happened that have brought a huge smile to my face. i have decided to share. and, since I love lists so much, I will share in list form.

1. Saturday night. This past Saturday was a HUGE day, on which more details will be offered later. But the night bit...ooohh it was a good laugh. James was DJ-ing at Druids so off we all went. It was some woman's 40th birthday party and the pub was overflowing with 40 plus woman dancing like they were 16! If that is not good for a laugh, then i don’t know what is. But the part in particular that brought a smile to my face was this.... Let me tell you the story. James was playing 80's and early 90's music. some of my favourites. In particular, Billy Joel's 'We didnt start the fire' A classic. I was pulling out some super cool moves, you know, running man, wave, mashed potato. At one point I even put all my hair up into a pony tail at the very top on my head and did the head-swing-head-bang-really-cool-80's-move. Yeah, I am awesome. After all of this cool dancing, whilst I was taking a break, drinking my water, chatting with Hannah, a guy comes over to me and says "so I was just wondering...are you connected to any of those guys over there" pointing to the rugby boys on the couch. Really? Am I getting hit on? Dancing like a moron? With a pony tail on top of my head? 5 months pregnant?!!? I replied that yes, I was married to one of the guys on the couch, and pointed at Rhys (who at this point had realised what was going on and had not the friendliest expression on his face) the guy turned to Rhys and said "man, you are one lucky guy" and just walked off. HA! and to think that I had been feeling fat! We had a good laugh about that one after he left. random guy hitting on the married, pregnant lady. Sadly, this goes to show to my constant complaint that although I am 5 months pregnant, you cant tell at all. but all the same, it made me smile.

2. Living in Europe. In particular the greetings. I don’t know how many of you reading this know or remember Nick Ogle, but he always harped on about 'greeting each other with the holy kiss' Unfortunately that never really took at JBU, but it is how people greet one another over here. and i love it. its very welcoming, very comforting. Take this morning in my office. We are having a big meeting today; the guys from France, Germany and the UK are all meeting together. This is my team. These are the guys that I really enjoy working with. So as they filtered in this morning it was one kiss on one cheek for the Brits and the Germans and a kiss on each cheek for the French. And it made me smile. So different from an American office that consists of stiff handshakes and 'how do you dos' This was, well warm. and it made me smile.

3. Baby Show. Saturday was the London baby show. It was massive. there were loads of pregnant people, little babies, crazy people running around trying to find a bargain. I went with Sam and Hannah. and it was fantastic. We were only there a few hours and I really didn’t buy all that much. Really the only things were a blanket/coat thing for little Eli in the winter and the kind of cloth diapers that I wanted. Bum Genius. woo hoo, i was excited to see those! But we spent the day out in London. baby show, lunch, hang out time, coffee. it was nice. and it made me smile.

4. An hour work out. Ok, so that may not make everyone happy, but i was really quite pleased with myself yesterday. For the first time since I have been pregnant, I feel like I really got a good work out. Coming from the habit of lifting and running a minimum of a 5K a day, to well....being pregnant and having to limit myself. it was a challenge. so I was quite pleased yesterday that i managed to get a good, solid hour of working out in. it really made me smile. and my legs a bit sore today.


Silvy said...

look at you all dancing and working out! i am happy you are finally feeling better!!! hopefully you will really enjoy the next few months of the pregnancy--months 5-8 were my fav.!

racheljenae said...

man... the whole pub scene makes me quite sad I won't have more time in London! The pictures in my head are hopefully living up to your fun!

Sheyenne said...

The Euro style of greetings is one of my top 5 favorite things about Europe!!! I LOVE the *kiss*kiss* :-) And your reference to Nick Ogle really made me laugh. :-)

Michael said...

Yeayah. So the weird thing for me was getting used to the guys doing the kiss thing (not really kissing but touching cheeks), but it doesn't phase me anymore. In fact, I forgot I was with Americans and did it to Brandon Wimberley (I don't know if you knew him), and totally freaked him out. It was hilarious (for me). But there is a sort of cool thing about it - almost as if you're just saying, "hey, I think you're important."

So are we gonna kick it in London while you're still rockin' it old school or what? I've still got some pounds. Let me know if you guys are down and I'll check out flights. Ciao ciao!