31 March 2009

running for my life....and a chicken sandwich

I heard a scratching at the front door, like someone trying to fit a key in the lock that wouldn’t work. 'oh its probably nothing' I told myself and just rolled over. but then i heard footsteps. its was 3am, there should not be footsteps in the hallway. i leaned over to rhys and gently tried to shake him awake. i told him that I thought someone had broken in. He jumped into action, grabbing the lamp as it was the closest thing to him, he ran into the hallway ready to battle. he was met by two burly men in ski masks, one of whom decided to welcome rhys with a crack of a baseball bat on his head. then i freaked out. i didnt know what to do so i grabbed my phone and my leatherman and i ran. somehow i managed to slip past the two men in the hallway and ran into the street. i needed to get help, but from where?! the street was unnerving empty, even for 3 in the morning. i tried several doors but no one answered. i tried screaming at the top of my lungs to draw attention to myself, but no one came. i ran down the street, across the path and into some bushes. it seemed like a good place to hide. and then i watched the house. i saw them lift rhys into a big white van and then i watching in horror as one of the men made eye contact, with me. i had been found. off i went. running. running. the police station was down the road, if only i could reach it. the van was speeding down the street after me, gaining on me with every step. I had to protect little Eli. i couldn’t let them catch me. i had to get to the police station. but it was locked. seriously? can a police station close?! off the street i ran, down a hill, through a yard and then full force I threw my entire body weight-every last ounce of me-into the front window of a house. they stopped the van and both followed me in. could i have really picked the one house on the block whose inhabitants were away? but then i noticed a third man. i thought i was dead for sure. 'please dont hurt my baby' i cried as they got closer to me. all i had was my leathermen. but i would use it. i thought, 'well if you come at me at least one of you will get stabbed somewhere.' but then the third man swung the bat and crack, down fell one of the men who was towering in front of me. as his buddy turned around to see what had happened he too was smacked in the face. it was Rhys. he had come to in the van, realised what was happening and rushed in to save Eli and me. I fell into his arms crying.....

then next thing I knew, rhys was shaking me awake, hugging me saying 'shh...its just a dream, its just a dream...' apparently our house was completely secure. no one had broken in, little Eli was safe, the police station, i'm sure, was in fact not closed and i was lying in bed next to Rhys, who had not been hit in the head with a baseball bat. but it was so real. and i was still scared. i didnt sleep the rest of the night. partly because i kept thinking...really? I left rhys? I ran away from the house where was my husband was lying unconscious on the floor? could i really leave him? that question is still plaguing me. did i do it to protect Eli? or did i do it because I am a wimp? I am glad it was just a dream. I am glad i eventually woke up.

On a totally unrelated note, I went to a local little sandwich shop today for lunch and ordered a Chicken Tikka Sandwich. That is all i said. 'Hi can i have a chicken tikka sandwhich please' before i could even ask what was in it (because I usually ask the ingredients when i go out) she said "well honey that has mayo in it? can you have mayo? here let me show the jar so you can read it... and it also has this spice and this spice and this sauce..." and begins to get out every. single. ingredient that she uses to make the chicken tikka mix. she reads through them one by one, waiting for my response before she moves on. I couldnt help but smile.

This exchange meant two things. 1.) I now look obviously pregnant and 2.) there are really nice, considerate people left in the world. I will go back to that shop tomorrow simply becasue that lady was wonderful. and because the sandwich was delightful!


tim, ally and silas said...

wow, really bad dream...so glad that was a dream. we do crazy things in dreams...you are not a wimp.

that is a sweet lady who makes chicken tikka sandwiches...so glad for your interaction with her.

love you!

kaw said...

pregnancy dreams are SO vivid!!!

Sohailah said...

BAD BAD dream and HILARIOUS about the lady - did you say "Hi?" or "Hiya?"