1 April 2009

6 months gone and 29 days left

I am 4 months away from Indefinite Leave to Remain (UK Residency), 1 year and 4 months away from citizenship, 29 days away from my birthday (yes, the count down has begun already), 1 day away from going to Wales, 1 week and 3 days away from going to America for holiday.....and I am officially 6 months pregnant. to the day, exactly, i am 6 months pregnant. crazy.

I feel like lately I have been measuring my days in terms of counting down. How much longer until Eli comes, how many days until America, how long i have before i have to renew my visa etc. Recently I have added maternity pictures from Katie to the list. I am really excited about that. especially since for the past several months my camera has been either lost or broken, I feel like I dont have a lot of pictures of my pregnancy. i am glad katie will be around to take some pictures of it for me :)

Usually April is the time that I begin my birthday countdown. Those that have known me for longer than a year can vouch for this. Rarely does a day go by in April that everyone I know is not made aware that my birthday is coming up. Not because I am expecting presents, but because I just generally really like my birthday. and i like everyone else to know about it. Last year Rhys and I both took off and went into the city for the day, mostly in the hope of getting a new tattoo. That was my birthday present last year. And my birthday present this year? (yes, i already know what it is) AC/DC concert tickets!! woo hoo!!! They are playing London in June and I cant wait! knowing me I will probably start a countdown to that as well. 2 months and 26 days until AC/DC.

So whilst I am quite excited that I only have 29 days until my birthday, I am even more excited that i am already 6 months pregnant. At the moment though? i am the most excited that I only have 10 minutes until I am leaving work. woo hoo, I am going home!!

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Saskia said...

Enjoy the sunshine!! It's beautiful weather here in London.

I count down all the time... I must wish most of my time away!

How exciting that your 6 months pregnant today! Not long to go now!