27 April 2009

i'm back...and its not fun

we landed back in good ole' London yesterday. and i am not happy about it. Somewhere in the mix of family, friends, niece, nephew, doctors appointments, baby shopping, regular shopping, staying up late every night and 3 different states, i got sick. and i am not happy about that either. I am glad the sickness managed to stay away while I was livin' it up in America, because let me tell you. it was a fantastic time. i love my family and all my friends and the food and the stores...and it was just perfect. a wonderful 17 days in my hometown.

and now? well now I am back 'home' this has to be my home becasue this is where i live. but i am not feeling very 'homey' at the moment. the flat is convered in suitcases half unpacked, clothes scattered everywhere, dirty laundry already piling up and the water leak that happened sometime when we were gone. nothing was damaged, except the celiing which is now an ugly brown colour and the wall which has some lovely brown water stripes/spots to match. so thats fun. welcome home kristina, welcome home.

but i am sure that once i actually manage to catch up on my sleep and get rid of this crap cold/flu like thing that is plaguing me, home wont seem so bad. i am hoping that the two days of throwing up is sickness related and not my morning sickenss returing to all day. i was really liking only throwing up in the mornings and think i would cry if my all day sickness was coming back. lets pray its just crap flu-like thing. on a really positive note though, baby eleri is kicking like mad. and i couldnt possibly love it more. I cherish the feeling of knowing that she is in there, alive and well. even though its a bit werid to constantly get kicked...i wouldnt trade the feeling for anything. growing a human in a very strange yet magically wonderful experience.

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