7 April 2009

thanks katie!

ok, ok two posts in one day...i know. but i was given a blog award a while back and just now figured out how to post it so....

Lemonade Award: for someone who is good at making lemonade out of the lemons in life.

I have been given this blog award by katie. Her explination was: me, a crazy american, learning about the joys and ups and downs of pregnancy in this far away land of england. (i added the crazy bit) it meant a lot that she thought of me. thanks katie. I really appreciate it.

as the 'rules' go, I am suppose to pass this on to some designated amount of people. I will pass it on to two because those are the two who I feel really deserve it the most.

1. Jenae. Mostly because she is great (and amazing photographer) and well...she is learning and growing a lot. trying to figure out to accomplish all that she wants whilst being the most effective that she can be. i enjoy hearing her stories and her thoughts. so there you go jenae.

2. Susanna. my dear, dear friend Susanna. she has recently moved to the Ukraine, is trying to learn Russian, meet people, adjust to an entire new culture, fit into a team of people and really make an new life for herself in the former Soviet Union. and i love her for it.


racheljenae said...

hey thanks kristina! i greatly enjoy your thoughts as well! Glad we have reconnected over blogging :)

Susanna said...

My Dearest. Thanks for thinking of me with this. It completely made me smile. Have fun in America. Only 22 more days till your b-day! :)