8 April 2009


because today is my last day at work before my 3 week hiatus to America, I got up early to make sure I was at work at a reasonable time. My goal was 8.30. I got up just after 7 with the intention of throwing on some clothes and driving straight to work. At 8.45 I was still at home, in a t-shirt, having a melt down about what to wear. and not just any melt down, a MAJOR, hyperventilating type of break down complete with tears, messy hair, no make-up and clothes strewn about everywhere. Finally I decided on a skirt, green shirt and grey cardigan. Finally I left the house…only to call Rhys 30 seconds later in tears and make a circle around my block to come back home and change. Luckily Rhys talked me out of actually getting out of the car and changing because I was late enough as it was. Didn’t I need to leave early to pick Trevor up from the airport? Shouldn’t I just go to work? No, I am not fat...just pregnant he reminded me. so i went to work, in the outfit i didn’t like. and just for the record, i am still not please. but at least i am not crying about an outfit anymore. seriously? what is my problem?

Once at work the day didn’t necessarily pick up. The door rang so I got up to answer it. Unbenounced to me, my skirt was stuck in my underwear. awesome. a colleague was nice enough to shout across the office "kristina I can see your ass" fantastic. just what i wanted. i knew i should have changed!!! seriously?! did that really happen?

About half an hour later that same colleague came over to my desk to discuss a meeting. He had to wake me up because i had FALLEN ASLEEP IN MY CHAIR. nice. not only do i wear funny outfits and tuck my skirt in my underwear, but i also sleep at my desk. in an office full of people. seriously? did i really do that?!

and just about when i thought all the things that could go wrong had gone wrong…. something else went wrong. I went out to lunch with an office friend who is moving to Australia. (i am very jealous of said office friend) we went to this great little Japanese cafe and as we were waiting outside for a table i managed to find the one sewage grate that stuck up out of the ground, trip over it and fall into a woman carrying a huge bag of take away food. again, awesome. food spilled, arms flailed about, yells could be heard. all in all a nice experience for all parties involved. not to mention the entire cafe as the front is all glass windows!! Just for the record, I felt really cool.

So...as a recap of my fantastically organised and really cool day: I took an hour and 45 minutes to get dressed, only to cry and want to change after leaving the house. walked around my office with my maternity underwear and butt clearly on display, fell asleep at my desk and knocked over a woman carrying loads of food. If i haven’t said it before, I AM AWESOME!

a great note is that in less than 20 hours I will be aboard a plane heading for the sunshine in the great state of Oklahoma! woo hoo, everyone be excited!! and expect slightly sporadic, if at all existent, blogging until I return :) Happy Easter to everyone!


tim, ally and silas said...

love love LOVE it!!! i love you and you are awesome, and a great writer. :o) and SMALL WORLD!!! as i was ready this entry, my husband called from your phone in the london airport (uganda to london back home to moscow)!!!!!!!!!!!! but of course you know this by now because you all are standing in the airport chatting as i type this. love you friend!

Silvy said...

hey kristina!

i know your trip to the states is probably uber busy, but if you happen to go to stef. lawson's house, you should give me a call and parker and i can at least stop by! (her house is literally two blocks from mine). my number is 785.766.6941, but if you are busy, that is totally cool, too! would love to see you! :)

kaw said...

really all i can say is, "oh my!"


Sheyenne said...

I am excited for you! And super jealous too... wish I could be flying to Tulsa!

Q. and La. said...

What a day! Welcome back to the states!

Sohailah said...

ok - laughing out loud and insisting that the girl who actually WORKS here in the office listen to your day. thank you for the hilarity.