28 April 2009

i NEED yellow pillows

i have been thinking about my wedding a lot lately. people keep telling me that nothing can top the feeling of holding your child for the first time. but what about your wedding day? without my wedding day it wouldn’t have been possible to even have a child to hold. and lets face it, my wedding was perfect. no really, it was. everything went so perfectly. I loved my dress, i loved the music, i loved the vows, i loved kissing my husband for the first time, i loved walking out of the church, with my hand on his arm, knowing that for the rest of our days we would walk together as husband and wife. I loved that we had Polaroid pictures of all the guest instead of a guest book. i loved my insanely overpriced orchid tree at the reception, i loved that so many JBU people came. i loved that we have all the tasty deserts driven in from Rick's in Fayetteville, i loved that people cried when Rhys D gave the best man speech, i loved that my dad dedicated a special song to me, i love that rhys and i had an amazing first dance, i loved that we had an open bar and people took advantage. i loved everything. and i wouldn’t change a thing. it was an amazing day and i cant imagine anything ever coming close to competing with that day. without my wedding day none of the other amazing things in my life would have happened. i wouldn’t be living in London, i wouldn’t have the amazing friends that i have now, i wouldn’t be getting more than my fill of rugby and football (thats soccer to you americans) and most importantly, i wouldn’t be pregnant.

being a bride was an amazing feeling. one that cannot be accurately put into words, one that cannot be replicated. i wouldn’t trade my day for anything. i loved the extravagance and the elegance. i loved my day.

and because of that day, because i married mr. williams and now live in London, I need yellow pillows. ok, let me explain. I am apparently 'nesting' I have been told that this happens at some stage in your pregnancy. (pregnant and mom friends, is this true? is this normal?) the pregnant woman suddenly feels the need to put together nursery furniture, paint, wash all the little baby clothes and put them away etc... etc... since i have no nursery to speak of, my nesting period is going by without doing any actual 'nesting'. hence the need for yellow pillows. My current duvet set is blue. my grandmother bought it for me as a wedding present and I love it. But i have decided that it needs some yellow. so my baby nesting has now taken the form of normal house nesting. and i need some yellow pillows. i was thinking ikea...they have fun patterns and designs.

and i have decided to end this post with some of my favourite wedding pictures. so here you go.

the church...i love my church

my mom helping me with my dress. this is one of my favourites

woo hoo team bridesmaids!

crazy groomsman

me and my dress. i loved my dress

the best man, clearly on his best behavior

after the ceremony, enjoying being married

on our way to the reception

how we came into the reception. i love piggy back rides!

our first dance


Saskia said...

I loved this post & how you described your wedding day...

I feel like that too - it will always be the best day of my life to me.

You made a beautiful bride!


Leah said...

i LOVED your wedding. i like celebrating you two. it was such a happy day ktina:)