18 April 2009

eli to eleri

a months ago the doctor was almost 90% sure that i was having a little boy. now he is almost 100% sure that I am having a girl. talk about a shock! I went from being really excited to little blue outfits with dinosuars to....well...not being sure what to think. we had a name. Eli Gryffydd (middle name is welsh. pronounced Griffith) we talked to our son everyday. we read to him, and sung to him, and bought him little boy clothes. and then we were told he wasnt there. and it was a shock.

I would like to say that i responded well. but i cried. a lot. it was hard to let go of an idea that i had spent 10 weeks bonding with. but at the end of the day, thats all it was. an idea, not a reality. little eli was not little eli but in fact little eleri. and it was really hard for me to get used to. I know it sounds pathetic. my child is healthy, growing normally and lets face it, there are hundreds of women out there who would love to be pregnant regardless of the sex. but still, i cried. i went and looked at little girl clothes in a store, burst into tears and spent 30 minutes sobbing in the bathroom. that was tuesday.

and now? now i couldnt be more excited. its werid what our emotions do to us. especially pregnant emotions. now we talk to little eleri. we read to her, and sing to her, and have bought her adorable little girl clothes. and i am thrilled. i am really excited that we are having a little girl first. i know she will make a great big sister whenever little eli does come along. mostly i am just excited that we have a baby. i cant wait the few short months until we can welcome our beautiful little girl into this world. i just know she will be perfect.

and on another note...the tiny guns and roses onesie that i ordered came in the mail today. i have already found a little bow that matches the guns and roses logo. our little girl is cool!


Susanna said...

Oh love, this is crazy and amazing at the same time! I know that your beautiful little daughter will grow to be an amazing woman like her Mum. Good thing I had not finished Eli's welcome to the world present! Hehe.

Q. and La. said...

Yah, my friends "Lilly" grew a willy and they didn't find out until out he came!

Handsome and I are bring a boy AND a girl take home outfit just in case...