3 March 2009

todays recommendation

if you are like me and so bored at your job that by 11am you are completely out of things to do...including looking at Facebook and every blog imaginable, I have the perfect solution.

Seriously. This is brilliant and has now occupied me for going on 1 and half hours.

Go to you tube and search for old cartoon themes. It is fantastic. Popples, Rainbow Brite, Transformers, Fraggle Rock, My Little Pony, Care Bears...ah. Those were the good ole' days.

Only down fall? I currently have the Gummie Bears jingle in my head. "gummie bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere....."


abbersnail said...

I was just singing the Gummie Bears theme last night. The other one that I can always remember is Captain Planet!


Kym Brinkley said...

hahahaha! :)