8 July 2009

a full week of maternity leave

1. Pool with Leah for 3 days straight. Enjoying the British Summer while it lasted

2. Camden with Leah. Ah...I so love Camden Town. It is my favourite bit of London.

3. The morning I drove Leah to the airport, Oli and Tuna (rhys' uni friends) came in to stay for the weekend.

4. Saturday 7's Rugby in Beaconsfield. Tournament, beer festival, live band. I liked to think that it was all for the 4th of July. sure it may have just been for the beer festival and rugby tournamnet....but i like to think that we were all celebrating America's Independence Day :)

5. got sick. nothing major, just a cold. but it sucks. especially now. As of last thursday I am officially full terms so the baby could come at any point. and i have a cold. My nose wont stop running, my throat hurts, my head hurts...stupid cold.

6. Rhys took a suprise day off and we hung out all Monday. sick or not it was fantastic. i love my husband.

7. sudden realisation that i have been off for a week and still have not gotten the house ready for the baby. Things are messy, not all baby clothes and sheets have been washed, loads to put away.... perhaps i need to spend my maternity leave actually getting ready for the baby!!

but all in all, i would say its been a pretty nice week off. The best part? Waking up every morning and knowing that i dont have to go to work. ever again. (well, for at least a year)


Sohailah said...

woo hoo! What a fun week of maternity leave. SO wait - are you saying they are PAYING you for a year? Because I can move over there and marry some British guy - do you know of any? Around 40? They can play Rugby - I'm okay with that...

Stefanie said...

That sounds like a wonderful feeling! How I would love to have a year away from the 8-5!

Saskia said...

I hope you're feeling better now? And how has the washing and tidying gone?

My house is a complete tip... we've got the builders in and there's not one room which isn't covered in dust sheets, dust, nails and paint. Nice.

I can't wait until it's over!

Saskia x