18 July 2009


less than 4 weeks ago i wrote a post about two of my heros. Today I am saddened to again write about one of those men, but in the past tense.

Henry Allingham died yesterday. After celebrating his 113th birthday last month and being named the worlds oldest man, Mr. Allingham took his final breaths. and it broke my heart a little bit. i am deeply saddened that his life has come to an end. He was a brave and humble gentleman. words cannot express what a blessing and honour it was for me that i was able to go to the Rememberence Day celebrations this past 11 Novemember and see the 3 surviving WWI veterans. Now, there is only one.

None of my words can do justice to the life and legacy of Mr. Henry Allingham. So instead of trying I will end this post with his words. Whilst visiting the Somme battlefields in 2006, Mr. Allingham was asked how he wanted to be remembered. He response was simple. "I Dont. I want to be forgotten. Remember the others instead."


Sohailah said...

Thanks. So sad. So wonderful. All together.

Saskia said...

RIP Henry Allingham. What a most remarkable hero he was.

It must have been so moving to be there on 11th November.

Saskia x