30 July 2009

my baby is perfect.

on Friday, 24 July little Eleri Ann Williams made her apperance. She was born at 8.08pm, was 21 inches long and weighed 9lb 7oz. (yes, she was huge!)

But she is perfect. beyond perfect really.

and i just cant get enough of her.

i know every parent says they have the perfect baby, but the little squirt really is perfect. just look at how precious she is.

she already has us wrapped around her finger and she isnt even a week old yet!

i really cant believe she ours and we get to keep her forever.


Saskia said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I thought she had arrived as you went quiet :) Eleri is absolutely gorgeous... the last photo is beautiful!!!

Saskia xx

Sohailah said...

dear Girl - yeay! I am so happy for you and L-O-V-E the picture of her in the blue fuzzy get up! Yippee!!

Susanna said...

I love that she is here! What a fun adventure lies ahead for you and your sweet little one. I love all her hair! I would love to talk to you sometime ... maybe we could skype or something.