9 July 2009

i'm ready. seriously. i am

after my realisation on tuesday that nothing was really ready and the house was a mess...i got my butt into gear on wednesday. and everything is done. seriously. everything is done. i know, even i am surprised.

the flat is perfectly clean. perhaps not perfect if you are my mom, but pretty darn close. everything is clean. everything is washed. everything is put away. the only things missing are the baby bedding which my mom is bringing over next week, and the nursing glider chair which is being delievered next week. but if the baby came right now, we would be ready.

and that is a great feeling.

the only thing left is to get my hopsital bag together. I am having a bit of a hard time with this one. I am used to the american hopsital setting where they provide you with things. Whatever i want, i have to bring. that doesnt just mean food or my personal face wash, it means night gown/sleep wear, pillows, blankets, soap, towel.... besically everything for baby, everything for me. all in a giant bag. the bag is currently half packed, i have most of what i think i will need. but what if i dont think of something and i actually need that particular thing? i dont exactly what Rhys to run home and get it whilst i am in the middle of having a baby. i imagine by the time i am done packing the bag it will end up like every other bag i have ever packed. way to full of lots of crap i wont end up using. better safe than sorry i suppose.

once hopsital bag is finished though I will literally have nothing left to get ready for baby. its a very relaxing feeling. a wonderful feeling.

so until little eleri decides to make her apperance, i will sit back, drink my rasberry tea leaf, enjoy not working and just wait. but i will be ready!


Silvy said...

yay!! i am so impressed you have everything clean and ready!

james had to run home in the middle of my labor, haha. i wasn't 100% sure i was in labor when we went to the hospital, so after we'd been there for 2 hours, he ran home. oh well :).

be sure to bring some music to the hospital! (we brought our laptop and played pandora).

i am so excited to hear about your birthing story! you will do great without the meds!! (14 days, ahh!)

Sohailah said...

again - do you get paid during this year off? (This seems to be really getting to me) :)

love you - let the little one COME!!!!!

Jason said...

once your bag is packed, you should put it in your car and leave it there. because you might be driving somewhere, like to dinner, thinking there is no way the baby is ever going to come and then your water will break and you'll have to go straight to the hospital and not have anything with you. i hope she comes soon!