13 July 2009

some recommendations

1. The Low Anthem, anyone heard of them? They are an American band so I am not sure if they are popular over there and have only now made their way over here, or if Rhys' taste in music is just a bit strange and he has 'discovered' them. but they are great. i recommend them. go, listen and enjoy. i particularly enjoy the song To Ohio.

2. Starbucks Pomegranate Peach Juice Blend. its a little bit of a Spanish holiday in a plastic cup. just the right blend of tangy and sweet. When i take that first sip, i could just as easily be walking along the boardwalk in Barcelona instead of a random high street in England.

3. TK Maxx. Not sure why we call it TJ Maxx in America as the store is owned by the same people and it pretty much exactly the same in this country as it is in the states. but nevertheless, TK Maxx is on my list of things i recommend this week. I have been endlessly impressed lately with the quality in my local store. Sure you have to be in the mood to hunt through disorganised and scattered racks and shelves, but oh, the bargains to be had! I have recently purchased a new duvet cover and a diaper bag. Both of those are HUGE purchases in my world.

I have spent months agonising over which diaper bag i would get. which one would suit my needs and the baby's simultaneously? Stella McCartney answered that question for me in the form of a lovely, not too big, not too small, pale forest green bag. its perfect.

4. cleaning. don't tell my mom, but she was right. everything is better when its clean. remember all those posts a month or so back where i was really unhappy with the flat and wanted something with a garden? something bigger? well, i love my flat again! mostly because everything is tidy. everything is in its proper place and that makes the world of difference to a tiny flat. plus, when things are clean it seems a lot bigger anyway! i really recommend cleaning.

oh...and if i could figure out how inthe world to make my computer and camera work together, i would add some pictures!! you will just have to wait now...


Sohailah said...

Surely with all that time off you can figure out hooking camera to computer... of course, I find with time off that I tend to get less productive...

Sheyenne said...

So I'm amazed that your little baby ticker thingamajig says one 8 DAYS LEFT!!! That's crazy! I am thinking about you and praying for you! Can't wait to see pictures of little Eleri when she gets here! :-)
PS- I totally think we need to see some pictures of your awesome London flat!