2 July 2009

ah....a fan.

i don't think i have ever before been so grateful for a desk fan. due to the week of 90 degree weather in the UK, every single store is out of fans. i have spent the last 3 days trying to locate one.

today, victory was mine.

leah and i walked all over london...literally, ALL. OVER. LONDON. trying to find a fan. a tiny electrical shop down some back street provided me with my triumph.

a fan may not sound like a big deal to my fellow americans, but trust me, its HUGE. when it is 90 degrees and sunny, with no wind, and there is not a single building with air conditioning... a fan is a lifesaver. seriously. last night after hours of stifling heat, i resorted to putting frozen meat products and ice cubes all over my body to try and cool down. and even that wasnt every helpful. its times like this that you realise just what a joy air conditioning really is.

but now i have a fan.

so tonight i will be enjoying the luxury of said fan providing the oh so glorious circulation that my now 100 degree flat requires. two windows just doesnt cut it people. even now as i type this, sitting in my living room, i am basking in the new found glory of the oscillating fan. perfection people. perfection.


Susanna said...

I agree 100% as to the necessit of a fan! I can actually sleep some now thanks to my wonderful fan. I'm glad you finally found a fan!

Saskia said...

Fans are a MUST in these insultated buildings designed to keep heat IN!!

I went to bikram yoga last night. Big mistake.


Saskia x

Devi said...

All that walking around London will probably make little Eleri want to come out sooner, too!! My mum walked all over the place to get Niro to come out (she also polished floors).