30 June 2009

i am currently out of the office....

and i wont return until 15 July 2010.

yup. 15 July 2010. that is the first sentence of my 'out of office' message at work. Today was my first day of maternity leave.

i laid at the pool, really it was just a wadding pool overflowing with toddlers, but still. i got some sun, talked to leah who is visiting, kinda cleaned the house a bit, went to the mall, had a starbucks. it was fantastic.

so fantastic that i have tan lines. thats right. the weather is nice enough in the UK at the moment that I actually have tank top and flip flop tan lines. we are having a real summer. it was 32 degrees this afternoon! thats Spain weather folks!! and i am on maternity leave to enjoy it all!

until 15 July 2010!!

ah....its times like this that i love the UK. i for sure wouldnt get paid maternity leave like this in america!

and you can bet that i will be enjoying every, single day of my glorious year off.

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racheljenae said...

I'M MOVING...well...i guess i should get the husband part... then the pregnant part... to actually enjoy what you're enjoying :) but its worth considering! Live it up!