18 June 2009

what if i give birth at the AC/DC concert?

So today I am "officially" 35 weeks pregnant. according to the floating baby on this page, i only have 35 days left. wow. but i think i am more like 37/38 weeks. i think i only have a couple weeks left. an even bigger wow.

I have been saying to Rhys for weeks now that I think I am further along than everyone says, that the baby is closer to being born than people think. I keep having funny 'feelings' and weird 'pains' and after lots of book, magazine and Internet research, I have concluded that i am in fact close to giving birth. that's right, i have diagnosed my self.

and yesterday it was officially confirmed.

I went to the midwife yesterday who did all her checks and examinations and told me that the baby's head was almost fully engaged. She said she was shocked as that usually doesn't happen so early. i explained to her that i thought i was further along and she agreed.she said that the baby was definitely coming early. she said we would have the little one within the next 3 weeks at the latest!

I called rhys and said "ha! i was right" and then it hit me... I WAS RIGHT. that means that in just a few short weeks I will be a mother! i will have a child that i am FULLY and COMPLETELY responsible for. yes, all those capital letters are necessary because I will be responsible for another human life. whilst rhys was really excited that he would be a dad sooner, i had a bit of a mini freak out. we don't even have the bedding yet! my mom is bringing that over with her when she comes on 15 July! we may already have a baby by then! we still have to wash baby clothes, get diapers ready, clean the house, dust...you know things like that. But whether i think i am ready or not, baby is coming. at least rhys thinks we are ready. that is half of the parenting team ready to go!

but strangely enough, i am looking forward to the birthing process. Perhaps interested or curious is a better way to put it. but the birthing pool and relaxing nature of the midwives is encouraging. after hearing some birth stories of late, i am looking forward to the water/natural birthing process. here's hoping i can stay this positive all the way through!!

aside from frivolous fears of the house not being ready, my one real fear is if this baby really is set to come early, is it still wise for me to go to the AC/DC concert? People have said all along that the show would put me in labour but to me that idea sounded a bit foolish. how can a concert really make you go into labour? The show is Friday 26 June. When we bought the tickets, we were going off my due date 23 July. basically 4 weeks of leeway. i figured that was fine. If the baby is suppose to come in the next few weeks, there is now a real possibility that little eleri could make her first appearance not to the soothing tones of Jack Johnson which is the majority of my 'labour CD' but instead to the ever so distinct guitar riffs of Angus Young and his fellow rocker band mates. I do love Thunderstruck but i cant say that is how i pictured my birth :)

although...perhaps if i did go into labour and actually give birth at the concert, perhaps the band would come visit us? we could have a picture of little eleri in her AC/DC onesie (yes, we have actually purchased one of those for her) posing with the band. that would be a fun picture to have. all the same though, i hope that is not the case. people who have actually birthed children...is this a real possibility? should i really twice about going to the show if i am really 38 or 39 weeks pregnant. I had no second thoughts when i thought i would only be 36 weeks, do the extra few weeks make that much of a difference?


Silvy said...

go to the show, for sure! you'll have fun :). each day you can say you had fun during the last couple weeks is an accomplishment in itself. my back really started hurting the week before i went into labor and it wasn't much fun at all. i am praying for you and hoping that the whole birthing process goes as smoothly as possible! i know you can do it with a midwife! (i might do a water birth for our 2nd...i'm waiting to hear what you think. molly (barrett) hobbs is doing one in a few months as well).

thanks for the kind note on my blog! i hope you have a great time with leah. so exciting that you are so close! i can't wait to see pics of baby eleri!

Christiana said...

I don't know if you watch Gavin & Stacy or not, but you jack johnson CD reminded me of when Ness gives birth :)

I also say go to the show, it would be pretty neat to be born at an AC/DC concert!

and finally, you're really making me feel like if 6 years from now I get pregnant and we're in England, it will all be okay that I'm far from my family. Thanks for the early inspiration, you'll be such a great mom!

Sohailah said...

so so SO funny if you went into labor there.. of course you HAVE to go. what's the worse that can happen? Your water breaks and who THERE will know? They will all be high.