15 June 2009

typical day in the office.

so many times at JBU friends and i would have the conversation of "i cant wait until i get out and live in the REAL world" i longed to escape the bubble that was John Brown. don't get me wrong, i loved tremendously and would never, ever take back the 4 glorious years that i spent there. But when graduation came around, it was time to go.

looking back now, 5 years post graduation, i see so many of the good things that i took for granted. and so many of those things i am missing now.

"out of the abundance of his heart, his mouth speaks..." Luke 6:45.

its cliche, but true, you never truly realise what you have until its gone. Being in an environment where uplifting words are spoken, thoughts are carefully considered and processed, and people are generally considerate and compassionate really makes a difference. By no means do I mean to paint a picture of John Brown as some prefect paradise where never a foul word is spoken and everyone is always at peace with one another. whilst that does sound appealing, that is not the truth. however, the truth of the matter is that the attitude at a place such as JBU, is so difficult that it in turn affects the attitudes of those there. students, faculty, staff, visitors...when an environment is so positively focused, it is bound to have an impact.

and that is what i miss. the positive. the uplifting. the encouraging. the smiles and genuine laughs. i miss the type of environment that a place like JBU creates.

i miss that more so now that ever.

for example, take my office this morning. I am writing this at 9:45am, the day has really just begun. about 15 minutes ago "what the f*@#...i didn't authorize that! Holy S*#!." was yelled out of an office. and then just for good measure a "F*&%" and a "S*&#" were added on the end. (i edited those out for you mom :) nice eh? just the kind of atmosphere that fills you with joy and makes you want to smile right? Unfortunately today is not an isolated incident. everyone in office prefers certain choice words as opposed to trying to utilize a more appropriate vocabulary. The stories they tell of drunken escapades and insane night outs, the way they 'jokingly' put one another down all the while really looking out for 'number one'. Why is it necessary to make obnoxious comments about people when they are not around? why is it acceptable to down play the role and importance of woman, making them objects worthy only of inappropriate jokes and unwanted leers? why is it funny to laugh about other peoples failures? its just not my kind of place.

"reckless words pierce like a sword.." Proverbs 12:18

perhaps this is normal corporate office behaviour. maybe i am just that naive to believe that you don't have to behave in a negative and derogatory manner to advance in the world. or it could be that this kind of environment is lacking...that there is something better out there. someplace where people are positive, encouraging, joyful. and its days like this, in an office such as this, that i miss the good ole' days of JBU.

as a side note, i should say that there are a small handful of people in the office who are actually decent human beings. who are kind, and genuine and enjoyable to be around. sadly though, they are not the majority.

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