17 June 2009

creepy things....

so two things have happened recently which have been a bit creepy. one of the occurances was EXTRA, SUPER creepy and if it had happened to me...oh, man! i would be freaking out!!

1. A friend from a baby class has recently moved into a new house. they were taking it slow, moving and unpacking for just over a week. When they were close to being settled, the couple ventured into the lounge for a rest and found a note taped to the window. It read:

"I've noticed you moving in. cant wait for you to have the baby....cause its mine after all!!"

yeah, that's a bit creepy. so they called the police and when they came out, the police said that a few years ago some neighbours of theirs received a similar note. the woman was also pregnant and they suffered months of harassment, break ins, threatening letters etc... so much so that they moved, afraid that some psycho was going to come and take the baby! the police took the note away to analyse for fingerprints, and told the couple to be careful. HOW CREEPY IS THAT!?!

2. I logged on to facebook this morning and my friend Stacey said hello in that facebook chat feature. Oh great I thought, i like Stacey, we can have a chat. So i told her how the midwife appointment that i had this morning went and then asked her what was going on. she said she was stuck in London because she had been mugged at gun point! WHAT?! so i decided to call her because clearly that is big news! Turns out the REAL Stacey was at the British Museum with her family and NOT at the computer. someone had logged into her facebook account, was pretending to be her, and telling people that she had been mugged!! CRAZY!! so i logged on for her and changed her password thinking that would kick the fake Stacey off. when i logged back in as me, they were still there!! still pretending to be her!!

then i got freaked out that perhaps they were trying to steal info from me....but aside from pictures, there is no personal information on my account. people can see where i went to school, and that i live in London...but lets be realistic here. London is a pretty big place. It would be next to impossible to find me here. but still creepy!! why do people do strange and creepy things?


racheljenae said...

oh man, those are both realllly creepy! I had a freak out a couple years ago when at Thanksgiving I was home in Arkansas with the family and I was getting all those 'happy thanksgiving' texts and kept geting some from a number i didn't know. I asked who it was and the person kept saying 'don't worry about it', 'i'm your secret admirer', but would never tell me for real. So i punched the number into the yellow pages search and it showed for an old man really close to where i live in Dallas! Ya, so i totally freaked out and started taking any personal info off of myspace and anywhere else. Then i talked to a good friend of mine from Dallas and told her and she found out it was her little brother! So random, but freaked me out a little!

kaw said...

EWWWW! I would be freaking out!

Anonymous said...

That is insane.. Unbelievable.. I don't know what to say other than that.. Crazy.

Sohailah said...

yikes. people ARE creepy. I really struggle with facebook - I like that I have been able to get in touch with people from the past, but I was hacked into through there and they just have way too much access to information - like suggesting I add friends that they shouldn't even know I know because they have done a "sweep" of my email addresses and found out who I know that is on... what is THAT about?!