29 June 2009

"I cant believe we are here!!"

that was the sentence that left my mouth at least a couple dozen times on Friday night. "I CANT BELIEVE WE ARE HERE!!" seriously. i was just in awe. not so much because it was the best performance by a band ever. not even because it was the best concert that i have ever been to. simply because i was seeing something i never, EVER thought i would. I was watching AC/DC live. and it was amazing.

the newspapers have said that the average age of the concert goer was 55. i agree with that statement. sure there were quite a few young people, but in a stadium that seats 70,000....the majority of those were in their 50's. which kind of made the concert a bit bizarre. I don't think i have ever been to a show that had such a variety of people. There were families there, entire families, with kids as young as 7 or 8. I probably wouldn't take a 7 or 8 year old to see AC/DC but an 8 year old a few rows back from us knew all the words and was rockin' out hard core. there were old rocker chicks...you know the ones who have faded tattoos and long stringy hair. the ones who you could tell were major fans back in the 70's. Then there were very respectable looking people, people i would have never put at an AC/DC concert. people in trousers and button down shirts, or women with long sun dresses. people who would fit right in at a Barry Manilow concert. although to be fair, rhys said if he didn't know me, he wouldn't put me at an AC/DC concert either. he said I looked more like the Coldplay type. slightly offended at that comment, but i forgave him.

Naturally there was quite a few people dolled out in leather. biker jackets with patches, leather vests, leather pants, ripped jeans, real vintage AC/DC concert shirts from the 70's and 80's. but real ones, not the kind you buy at target to be cool. by far my favourite concert go-ers were the two men at the end of our row. they were 6 foot plus, about 300 pounds each, wearing skin tight jeans, boots, and leather vests with no shirt underneath. just their big hairy chests. oh, and they both had about shoulder length hair. one guy was even wearing a bandanna around his super cool frizzy hair proudly displaying the name of another band he liked, twisted sister. you just cant beat old guys like that.

I kept looking, but its safe to say that i was the only pregnant person there. Ok, so i cant say that for 100% sure...but i feel pretty safe in saying that no one else at the concert was 9 months pregnant. I got quite a few looks and quite a few comments. One of my favourite comments was from a hard core rocker who commented that i was "smuggling an extra person in for free" didn't think of it that way, but i suppose its true. i did smuggle little eleri in. One lady in the bathroom however didn't take kindly to the fact that i was pregnant. whilst we were standing in line, she said to me "my concert better not be interrupted because you have your f*^$ing baby" hmm....even if i had gone into labour, they sure wouldn't have stopped the concert for me! i was so shocked i didn't even know what to say. another lady in the bathroom said "shut up you old cow" so at least someone wanted to defend me. But aside from crazy bathroom lady, everyone else thought it was great that pregnant kristina was there. i even got quite a few high fives. :)

Rhys bought a t-shirt, we got a souvenir program and were so close to buying eleri a child's t-shirt. the only one they had would have fit her when she was about 2. it was faded black with a a picture of a big canon on it. Emblazoned on the top was AC/DC and written underneath the canon was the sentence "for those about to rock". As much as i say i am not a 'girly-girl' i just don't think i could put my 2 year old girl in that shirt. so she got nothing but an ear full of classic rock.

and rock she did. it was funny because i was expecting her to move pretty much the whole time. granted we were sitting in the highest level possible in the stadium; and we were pretty far away from the speakers, but it was loud. very loud. suprisingly she didnt move around the whole time. she only kicked on her favourite songs. or maybe i should say the songs she recognized. the two of us listen to AC/DC in the car often as we are driving to work or the store, but mostly their older stuff. Back in Black is my favourite album. when that song came on, i thought she was going to jump out of my stomach. TNT, Thunderstruck, For Those About to Rock, and Angus Young's guitar solo....little eleri was definitely rockin' out. she can proudly wear her AB/CD onesie that we have for her. (get it? ab/cd in stead of ac/dc? clever eh?)

i took some video of Back in Black and Thunderstruck, but no matter what i try to do, i cant seem to upload the videos here. so instead i will put up a few pictures. but those don't really do the concert justice. it was fantastic. it was amazing. it was a very surreal moment for me. and i loved every second of it.


Saskia said...

I'm so glad the concert was awesome!! It sounds like you had a great time!!

On another note, I can't believe that woman in the toilets... how DARE she??! People never fail to shock do they?!

Glad Eleri enjoyed her favourite songs too :)


Sohailah said...

very funny. And you DIDN'T go into labor... which is good, I guess... :)