4 June 2009

my dream house

the majority of the time i am really quite pleased with my situation. I love my flat, I like the adventure that living overseas offers. I love that my life is a little less typical than the average married, with child, 27 year old. basically, i enjoy my circumstances, my situation, and my life.

I wouldn't trade my husband, my family, my life for anything.

However there are some days that prove quite difficult. perhaps it is the pregnancy hormones, perhaps it is just because i am getting a big older and want more stability than i have ever desired before? As i typed in that last question mark I shook my head; it cant be that i want more stability because if rhys and i had the money we would take off tomorrow and travel the world--baby and all. but its something. I just cant quite put my finger on it.

The first 3 hours of work this morning were spent looking at Kelly's Korner blog and the picture post of baby rooms that people put on. over 400 people posted their bedrooms and whilst i didnt actually make it through all of them (i'm not that sad people) i did look through quite a few. and it made me a bit, shall i say, reflective. and envious. i would love to be able to decorate a nursery.

but then, as i looked further and read a bi of the writing instead of just looking at the pictures, i realised that about 98% of those people who posted pictures of their well planned and nicely decorated nursery's have yet to actually let their baby sleep in their nursery. They are in pack and plays or cots in the parents room. Pretty much how little eleri will be. in our room. so do i really need a nursery? and then as i looked even closer, i realised the excess that was overflowing in a lot of the nursery's. Now dont get me wrong, i loved the decorations, but rhys and i always save with the thought that one day we will have enough to just travel. travel forever. so would buying more than i need for the little one help with that travel plan? no. is it best that we are not able to do so... knowing the way i like to shop and frivolously spend money, probably so.

but, even with all of that said, the one bedroom flat has been getting me down a bit. yes, i admit it. even after all the posts about how great it will be and how people should back off about the fact that we only have one bedroom. even after all of that, its still getting me a bit down. so i have spent the entire afternoon trolling the Internet and i have put together in pictures my perfect house. there are lots of pictures, but just imagine how fantastically wonderful it would be to live in this house. Until i have my own, or a backpack permanently strapped to my back, my pretend dream house will have to suffice.

front of the house

or maybe this one, i cant decide

the kitchen

or this one. i love them both!

the living room. of course with an ocean view!

this look is also ok with me

master bedroom

nursery, but...

with this bedding instead of the multi-cloured stripes and such.

guest room

and in case i have an attic space that could be turned into a room...

I LOVE this dinning room! LOVE IT!

i think this sunroom would be great at the back of the house

So at the moment, that is my dream house. i would move into that house tomorrow if i could. sigh...oh well. i will just dream of the one day when i can put together all of those rooms and make it my home. and i am sure that tomorrow i will go back to being fine with my flat just the way it is. plus tonight i am planning a trip to ikea, and that is always fun!


Silvy said...

that ocean view is absolutely amazing! (i mean it's nothing compared to my view of arkansas farmland, hahaha). great pictures!

ally said...

never stop dreaming my friend! dream dream dream!!!!!

Leah said...

can i be your adopted daughter again and live in your sweeet house?! I LOVE your taste in casitas my friend!

see you in a week!