23 June 2009

umm....no thanks

i went to a local cafe for lunch today. i asked for a chicken club baguette. the woman started to reach for the tongs and then sneezed. she covered her mouth with her hands, no gloves, so i assumed she would wash her hands. um no. she grabbed the tongs, picked up my sandwich and then instead of putting the sandwich directly into the bag, she transferred the sandwich from the tongs TO HER HAND (hands with sneeze on them remember) and then transferred it to the bag.

during this transferring process, about 2/3 of the bacon and salad actually fell out of the sandwich on the counter, floor or loosely hanging onto the rim of the bag. I looked up to point this out to her, just in time to see her wipe her nose with the back of her hand. and then sniffle a bit. and wipe her nose again. aklfjkladshfliawe!!! made me want to vomit.

I proceeded to tell her that about 2/3 of my sandwich was missing and she said "oh, i know" and then began to pick up the bacon and salad bits off the counter, floor and bag with her hands...hands that now not only have sneeze on them, but also have gross snotty nose wipe on them too!! she stuffed all the pieces together in the bag and then told me i owed her £2.50. I said "umm...no thanks. i think i will just pass on that today. thanks"

really? it cant just be me. that is disgusting! would any of you have eaten that sandwich?


Stefanie said...

poor little tina ... that's really sick. it reminds me of sneezemuffins, except that she did it right in front of you! Hope you're feeling okay!

Anonymous said...

Whoa.. that's gross. I just don't know if I would paying attention to the person who makes my sandwich like that. Makes me think I should in the future.

Sohailah said...

SERIOUSLY - NOOOOOOOOO!! everything is SO WRONG with that!