29 January 2010

6 months

my little one is 6 months. i cant believe it; half a year she has been here. which is pretty crazy and the most wonderful thing in the world. and i have decided that instead of writing out what cool, new things the little chicklet is doing this month, i will show you all in pictures.

little ele is eating all kinds of food

she has mastered sitting up by herself.

and can even balance things on her head!

eleri has also really started to take notice of other babies. whenever we get together with our baby friends, she giggles, stares, smiles, and tries to grab the other babies. here she is, with her friend grace, just staring. she is so fascinated.

she loves music. her face ligths up and she starts to bounce up and down when any song comes on. she is even trying to learn to play the guitar.

6 months also marks the start of our swimming classes. she LOVES the water. she splashes around and kicks her little feet. interestingly enough, she even likes going under water. in class we practice under water swims and she always comes up smiling. here she is hanging out in her bathing suit before we went to class.

ele loves to do whatever we are doing. in this case, she had learned the joys of playing on the computer

but the BIGGEST change this month is that my little one is trying to walk!! she is still so tiny...but she wants to move. she is constantly standing up and bouncing. the past few weeks she has tried to take little, tiny steps around our coffee table. she only makes it two or three before falling over, but its a start. in the picture below, i managed to catch her right before she fell over (and burst into tears) she made it about 3 steps!

ah, my little baby. little ele you are such a star! i cant wait to see what surprised the next six months will hold! happy half year birthday chicklet.


Diet DP Loving Mom said...

That's incredible. She's so big and doing so much. Its crazy how fast they grow.

Katie said...

She is too cute. I love that you are doing swimming lessons! I never did with Cub, but when he was around that age we were able to go to the lake and get him used to being in the water (and being submerged). He loved it!

I can't believe that she is already six months old! What a sweetie. Do you think she looks more like Rhys or you? I haven't met Rhys, so I can't tell!!

Silvy said...

pictures, yay!!!

lil' e is so cute! i think she looks like the perfect mix of you and rhys--i can see both of you in her!

Sohailah said...

Absolutely DARLING! She is so precious!