11 January 2010

so much going on

hey friends. thanks for all the emails and such, but dont worry, I am fine. I am keeping the blog and i will have a post soon, i promise. but there is just so much going on. you know how it is.

i have been home for a week. by the time i finally walked through my front door, it had been 46 days since i had been home. that is too long to be away with a baby. its great to be back.

but its busy being back. we started infant swimming classes last week, plus our regular yoga and reading lessons. but cleaning and grocery shopping. just normal life things after being on holiday for 6 weeks. so its busy.

but i will write again soon. this week sometime. promise. never fear faithful readers, a post is coming soon.

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Sheyenne said...

:-) Good! Hubbby and i are hoping to go visit my parents some time later this year and were thinking about spending a few days in london, so I've been thinking about you, wondering how you are! I'll let you know if/when our plans come to fruition! glad you got so much time with your family!