27 January 2010

a day in the life...

recently several people have asked me how my days have changed since i have had eleri. that answer is really simple. i used to go to work everyday, now i stay at home. and that is AWESOME. i am so fortunate to be able to stay at home with the little chicklet all the time. i wouldnt trade these moments for anything. seriously, anything.

but apparently people want more detail than that. so the following is what a typical day looks like for ele and me.

5.45am: get up to help rhys get ready for work. get his lunch together, pack his bag etc... then i go back to sleep once he leaves.

8:45-9:00am: get up with ele. she usually sleeps until 9; very rarely does she wake earlier than that. i would like to say that i get up earlier and tidy things up and get ready for the day. but i dont. i sleep as long as possible and we get up together. everyday.

9 to 11am: the baby has a bottle (weaning, woo hoo!) and then we play. sometimes we read books, or play with the dancing elmo, or have craft time. craft time is basically where i give eleri markers or paint and let her do whatever she wants. we have some great pictures because of it. we also make cards and take pictures for the grandparents.

11ish: nap time. she sleeps for about 20 minutes every morning exactly 2 hours after she has woken up. its like clock work.

11:30ish to 12:30: play. i usually put on a baby einstien or a "your baby can read" video. its like video school. i clean up the kitchen and get her next feed ready.

: she gets a bottle. and then our afternoons vary depending on the day

Monday: baby yoga
Tuesday: NCT girls and baby tea, cakes and playgroup
Wednesday: baby swimming classes
Thursday: baby and mom outdoor exercise class
Friday: mom and baby errand running day.

2:30ish: she sleeps for about an hour, give or take what we have done in the day.

3:30 to 4:30: play time. i use this afternoon time to have "school" we practice walking, crawling, talking (you know, the mamamama, dadadada, bababab sounds) we do flashcards and reading and make a fun game out of learning. because i believe you are never too young to learn. and at the end of the day, it doenst really matter if she is learning or not because she is hanging out with me. and its quality hang out time :)

4:30: another bottle.

4:45-6:30: play some more. usually on the play mat or in her exersaucser thing.

6:30: daddy comes home and takes over. i use this time to finish up laundry and dinner and the baby gets to hang out with daddy.

7:15: daddy puts the baby in the bath, gets her in the pj's and gives her to me to feed. I am still doing the night feed.

no later than 8pm the baby is asleep and in bed. we wont hear from her again until about 8:45 or 9 the next morning. Rhys and i usually eat about 8pm and then just hang out. we either watch some t.v or play a board game. usually scrabble because thats our favourite. i have some tea and he has some biscuits, then we have a chat and go to bed about 10:30 or 11. and start over again the next morning.

so thats my day. before ele it was work, work, work. and now? well, now its just awesome!

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Diet DP Loving Mom said...

you are SO lucky that she sleeps until 9a. I'm lucky if Bella wakes up at 630a. It's rough. It sounds like you guys have a lot of activities planned out. Good times.