16 January 2010

where did THOSE come from?!

tonight rhys and i were at tesco getting a few necessary bits and bobs. i was leaning over eleri's pram when i saw them. they were right there, plain as day. two big, shiny, white teeth. TWO TEETH!! seriously?! where did they come from? these teeth were not just starting to poke through, they were really out there. like real teeth.

getting teeth for the first time is a pretty big deal. you think i would have been more aware. arent babies suppose to have teething pain? drool more? bit everything? get fussy? you know, some kind of outward sign so that the mom knows what is going on?! i was sure i would notice (especially since i am still breastfeeding) but apparenty not. i had no idea my child was getting teeth. and then one day, there they are. TWO TEETH.

rhys i gone to the bathroom when i made this discovery and it was all i could do to not run into the guys stall just to tell him that little ele had teeth. and then, for some strange reason, my eyes welled up with tears and i started to cry. i just couldnt help it. it was such a strange feeling. she is growing up. and while i love that she is changing so much everyday, the teeth thing just hit a different cord with me. she is not such a little baby anymore. she has teeth. thats a BIG girl thing. she is not even six months old yet and she already has two teeth. it is just all happening so quickly. so i wandered up and down the baby isle in tesco, tears streaming down my face, smiling at my big ele. two teeth and all.


Silvy said...

that is soooo sweet! i wish i could see little eleri's teeth!

maybe parker will get some (someday)...

Sohailah said...

WOW! That's HUGE! and quick - she IS an over-achiever, isn't she?