26 January 2010

thats not quite what i meant.....

wow. talk about backlash! when i write a blogspot, its written from my opinion. sometimes facts are included, but its mostly my opinion. i dont always want to include a disclaimer because, again, if i am writing something, its written because it is my opinion.

but perhaps i needed a disclaimer on the last post.

i have gotten quite a few comments from people. and from those comments, even the nice ones, its clear that i was a bit misunderstood. so here is what i really meant...

bottles are fine. there is nothing wrong or bad about bottles. i just never wanted my daughter to use them. i wanted to by-pass the bottle step. we tried once when she was about 8 weeks so rhys could feed her. but i was not a fan of the pumping, freezing, thawing etc... so that was a one time deal. . i wanted to go straight from breastfeeding to sippee cups to regular cups. i just didnt want to use bottles. it was my personal opinion. if you use bottles, great. i dont have a problem with anyone else using bottles. it was just something i didnt want to do. i am not judging the bottle users of the world. i have now joined your ranks. and its great. so again, no judgements. just an opinion.

second. formula. again, i am not judging you if you use formula. i am now using formula as well. i just didnt want to. again, a step i wanted to skip. if you have used formula from day one, that is fine. every baby, every family, every mom is different. i am not here to criticize. i am just saying i was really anti-formula. i am not anymore, but at no point was there judgment.

those were the two main issues that i felt i needed to get out of the way. i didnt mean to confuse or offend. so apologies to those who have said they felt it was a personal attack. it was not. the point of the blog post was to point out my crazy ideas pre baby and how i have had to learn flexibility. it was not aimed at anyone but me. i dont like to offend people, but that doesnt mean i will stop writing my opinion. cause i wont. and thats just how i roll :) plus, when i write my opinion it opens up the forum for others to write their ideas and opinions. i love the banter that comes from a post that causes comments. i just dont like the comments that accuse me of being judgmental. because that is a far from the truth as possible. there will never be any judgment in things that i write. everyone is free to do what they please. just as much as i am free to write and think what i please.

happy middle ground for everyone! :)


Silvy said...

i didn't think your post was mean or judgemental in the slightest!! i have no clue who commented, but some people are ultra sensitive and get offended if you mention the word formula (even if you say you are now using it!). i know your post was not written as a personal attack on anyone...please keep writing your heart! i think all of your posts have an underlying sweet, honest spirit!

kristina said...

aw. thanks silvy!