21 March 2011

Goodbye vs Hello: part 1

I am moving. Surprise! I have never mentioned that before on the blog. But it is getting closer and closer everyday. Of course this is expected as the earth is constantly in motion forcing one day to end and other to begin. It is now just under 4 weeks until our feet land on American soil and we say a big Howdy-Do to the good ole' US of A. (howdy-do because we land in Dallas and obviously that is how everyone from Texas speaks)

I am having a difficult time with moving. Again, Surprise! Another new thing to mention on the blog.... Ok, but even if you already know that I am struggling with leaving Europe and moving to middle America, did you know that I started making a list of things I was going to miss? And that list is now over 6 pages long? Bet you didn't know that!

I have decided that it was a big one sided. Sure there are some down falls to leaving Europe. But there are some big up sides to moving to America. Instead of putting all the things I will miss into one post, whilst subconsciously pointing out how much America will suck without them, I have decided to counter each sad point with a happy one. For example, I am going to be sad to leave proper fish and chips from a chip shop, but really glad to have chick-fil-a again. See? Sad counteracted with the positive. I may say goodbye to the chip shop, but I will say hello to Chick-fil-a.

As I process externally, and this is my blog and I can write about whatever I want, you can expect quite a few of these posts. Hence the label 'Part 1' So without further ado, here is the first goodbye, hello list.

-Goodbye Rugby: 6 nations, tri-nations, Autumn internationals, having the World Cup actually be a big deal...

BUT, Hello college football and basketball again. March Madness doesn't exist in the UK, so thats a plus.

-Goodbye Fish and Chips..... BUT Hello, Chick-fil-A.

-Goodbye Indian Food, take away hmmm.... BUT Hello, Mexican food. (with unending baskets of chips and salsa!)

-Goodbye British baked beans on toast....BUT Hello, Kraft Mac and Cheese!

-Goodbye rainy, crap weather year around.....Hello nice sunshine and 4 seasons!! Ok so that one I wont really miss. I am more than ready to say goodbye to the grey soup that is the UK weather.

-Goodbye Cadbury luxury chocolate, BUT Hello Reece Pieces and Peanut Butter Cups!

-Goodbye a sink and my hands to wash the dishes and Hello a DISHWASHER!! Ok, again that is all good!

-Goodbye easy travel to places like Italy, Spain and Switzerland....BUT hello, Texas and Mississippi? Uh, ok so that one might be an awful comparison. Leaving Easy Jet flights sucks anyway you look at it.

-Goodbye American TV's 4 months behind....Hello TV shows that are right on time!

uh..... Ok, so the next few ones I cant actually come up with a positive counter to...Any suggestions my fellow Americans?

-Radio 1?
-East Enders
-Live at the Apollo? (awesome stand-up)

There are hundreds and hundreds more where this came from, but I will leave it at this for now. Having the leaving do this weekend made it all the more real that we are actually going, that things (and most importantly people) will actually really be missed. It was a great weekend, but brought everything a little closer to home. I suppose that is why this is on my mind today.

More parts will come of this for sure, but little ele requires my attention now. Tomorrow will be pictures and details of the weekend...it was crazy. Big Bird even made a visit.....


Sheyenne said...

Love your new header! Very cheery and a great tablet for welcoming the new chapter in your life!

I love your Hello:Goodbye stuff! And I just wanted to encourage you... We LOVE Indian food and were so bummed about leaving our "favorite" place. We knew the people, knew what to order, and they always gave me a free mango lassi when I went to pick up our take out. But, we're on the hunt here in Ohio for a good Indian food place... and its fun! We've only tried one so far, but have more on the "list." :) So, I don't know about NWA, but I'm hoping you'll find a great Indian take away place! Because truly, I appreciate the importance of that! :)

ally said...

the white lion in tulsa is an awesome british pub {the sweet lady who owns it and cooks the food lives upstairs} and you can get great fish and chips and heinz beans on toast there. :o)

Sohailah said...

mcnellies? fun pub in Tulsa and OKC. oh wait... in Arkansas...

Katie said...

Mmm, McNellie's! We love the one in Tulsa.

I love this list!

Also, this morning, I drank out of my I Heart London mug and it made me happy. I love that I think of you whenever I see it! Thanks for making this morning a bright one! :)