10 March 2011

to the docks....

Tomorrow is moving day. Not for the people (that's another 5 weeks away) but for the boxes.

Back in June of last year I packed up the flat in London with the intention of shipping to America. Courtesy of government red tape, the boxes had a 9 month detour via Wales. With our impending move in April, it is time to say a final goodbye to the boxes as tomorrow we will be driving all of our earthly possessions to the docks in London.

I am not sure how it happened, but somehow we managed to acquire quite a bit. We are shipping no furniture, and aside from a pram, a running stroller and an art easel, we have no big items as such. But man! We are shipping a load!!

We have this lot

and then this

plus all of these!!

Ok, so I may have been buying 'homey' things and putting then in boxes for our new house in the states. (pillows take up lots of room!) and 2 or 3 of those boxes are full of yummy British food. But come on people, we lived in a flat the size of a one car garage for goodness sake! Where did we put all of that stuff? I know exactly how many boxes we have. and suitcases. and backpacks. But the number is SO high that it is a bit embarrassing to write out. So just believe me when I say we have a lot! However, we got a really good price on shipping, and as it doesn't go by weight, we figured this was the time to take it all back. No point of buying in the states, if we already own it here. So into the boxes it all went.

We have rented a transit van and will load the boxes first thing tomorrow morning for the 3 plus hour trek to the docks. There we will say one last goodbye to the boxes as the begin their 9 week sea journey to America. Although we are insured for it, here's hoping there will be no pirate attacks or capsizing of the boat!

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Stefanie said...

I can't see/hear the word docks and not think of Monica & her jam. This year we can have a Friends Thanksgiving watch party together!